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Who doesn't love the Halloween franchise? John Carpenters creation continue to be one of my all time favorite films. Even though there were some that I wish didn't exist: 5, 6, and Resurrection, there was hope with H20 as well as the remake.

When I heard Rob Zombie was attached the project, I was obsessed. One of my favorite directors directing one of my favorite movies? I can definitely get into that.

The release of then film had mixed reviews from die hard Halloween fans. But I feel that this film didn't get enough positive reviews overall. I'll explain why this remake/reboot works.

I'm going to start as I praise the casting. Zombie fans know that he likes to use many of the same cast members in his films. Malcolm McDowell has tough shoes to fill, as he portrays the famous Donald Pleasance. As much as I love Donald Pleasance who built the role, I think that McDowell does a better interpretation of who the character is supposed to be. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for saying this but to me, McDowell plays the part how I imagined it would always be. Daeg Faerch steals the screen. Zombie somehow casted a boy, who you can feel bad for and hate within the span of 1 hour. His innocent, lifeless face gives you a mixed, but emotional response. Tyler Mane is Michael Myers. He's got the height, the look, and then strength. After seeing Mane's portrayal, it will be hard to see anyone else put on the mask.

Next the story. Yes, there were some plot holes but not enough to take me away from the film. Seeing how this is a remake/reboot, Zombie had to use relate to John Carpenter but also make it his own. In this case, I believe he succeeded. Fans argue that the original is scarier because we don't get Michael's backstory and he's just a blank slate. I agree that the idea's scarier, but Zombie didn't completely disregard this. I enjoyed Zombie's take on Michael's childhood because not only does it show what he was like as a kid, but even from the start we see him as an emotional mess. So Michael still can be the same blank person that he was in the original, we just see what he puts up with and a bigger influence that triggers him. Either way, both Michael's are psychopaths and would feel the need to kill, in Zombie's case we see more of the story.

The scene that really shows Michael's craziness is when he kills Danny Trejo's character. The two characters build somewhat of a bond and they almost look out for each other. But as soon as Michael kills Danny, we know that he has no feelings or personality. Another one Michael's first (on-screen) kill, the school bully. Now as Michael attacks the kid, and when he eventually dies, Michael just stares. No emotion, just the satisfaction that he's dead. This also resembles the original Michael, just in a different way.

Something else that Zombie does right, is the use of scenes from the original. What comes to mind is when Michael is stalking Laurie and her friends: in the library, and walking down the street. These scenes were so iconic and important in the original, Zombie knew what he had to do. Another one is when Michael goes to kill Lynda. He does the classic scene where he wears the sheet like a ghost. This is another scene in which viewers remember from the original film.

People need to understand that this is a REMAKE/REBOOT. This means that the director has complete control on what they want to keep and/or change from the original. Yes, there are some shot by shot moments, but they work extremely well. We get Michael's backstory, I don't know about you but I still see a emotionless, blank boy throughout no matter how bad his household is. Zombie knew the limits he could push. Although there's things missing, such as how he figured out Laurie was his sister, and the whole driving thing. But none of this matters. It never did in the original and shouldn't now.

I hope this changes your mind, if you ever had doubts or didn't like Zombie's version!


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