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Yellowjacket: particles of evil
Yellowjacket: particles of evil

After seeing Ant-Man for the second time last night, I noticed more things than I did the first time. In the film's climactic fight we see Lang and Cross suited up and battling in Lang's daughter's bedroom. Lang realizes he needs to go Subatomic to get into Cross's suit, which he does without hesitation. As he shrinks into the Quantum Realm, he passes through a very unique looking atom, which got me thinking. When the explosive charges go off in Pym Tech that were attached to containers of the Yellowjacket particle, the building explodes and immediately shrinks into nothingness. The same happens to Cross when Lang destroys his suit.

This isn't the first time we've seen a yellow fluid that explodes only to shrink right after in the MCU. We first see this in the ABC show "[Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765)" when Peggy is attempting to clear Howard's name. She finds an explosive device manufactured by Stark which, upon detonation, explodes and then shrinks into a compacted mass. In the very beginning of Ant-Man, before even the Marvel logo we all know and love appeared on the screen, a short scene with a very angry Pym was shown to us. He refuses to give the formula for his Pym Particles to Howard Stark, and storms out. Howard Stark was not a man who was familiar with the word "no", so it would not be a shock if he attempted to create the Pym Particles on his own, resulting in the yellow fluid of the explosive devices. Seeing as Mitchell Carson was present with Howard Stark, it would not be unrealistic to assume he shared his research findings with him. And who is the buyer for the Yellowjacket tech? Mitchell Carson.

So, what do you think? Comments wold be greatly appreciated!


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