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The past week has been chock-full of superhero casting news leading up to the fall TV season, and the gift just keeps on giving. Filming for the fourth season of Arrow is already under way, and today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Oliver Queen will be facing off with another dangerous adversary in the form of Baron Blitzkrieg (though his cover identity is Baron Reiter), portrayed by British actor Jimmy Akingbola.

The actor is slated for a recurring role on the show, and is the latest in this week's Arrow casting announcements. His fellow new castmates include Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, Alexander Calvert as Anarky, and Echo Kellum as Mister Terrific.

First appearing in World's Finest Comics #246 in 1977, Baron Blitzkrieg's comic book counterpart was originally a foe of Wonder Woman's, and the leader of a crime syndicate by the name of Shadowspire. With the antagonist uprooted from his World War II origins, his path is undetermined, leaving an entire open space to create a new story with him.

It looks like the CW shows are really bringing in some twists in the form of new foes for the upcoming season. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing?


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