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I noticed a strange coincidence. Whenever a video game has the word Gear in it, they always have a badass protagonist. These 2 for example, Solid Snake, from Metal Gear Solid, and Marcus Fenix, from Gears of War. It's time to make these badasses Gear up and fight to determine who has the better Gear.

Solid Snake

Really named David, Solid Snake was cloned form one of the greatest soldiers in history, with the goal of succeeding him. Having joined the Green Beret, the CIA, the U.S Army, and finally the discrete military group called Fox Hound, Solid Snake has been trained to take down all sorts of enemies, from terrorists to giant mechs called Metal Gears, but what gives him the capability to perform such awesome tasks?


  • Peak Human Conditioning- Having been trained by many military groups and having been in the force for years, Solid Snake has trained himself to be at the peak of physical perfection. This gives him Olympic level agility, speed, and strength. However, his cloning combined with the nano Machines resulted in rapid aging, making him susceptible to heart issues or seizures and not as physically skilled as he was before.
  • Nano Machines- Solid Snake has nano machines in his body which supply him with energy and incredible durability. He once managed to crawl through a hallway which was bombarding him with microwaves, and after 3 minutes of being in there, he managed to escape. But he can still be harmed by gunshots and knives.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant- Having been trained by his genetic father, Big Boss, in the art of CQC, a special fighting style used to combine hand to hand combat and gunplay in unison, Solid Snake is a master at disarming and taking people utilized with his stealth. Allowing him to infiltrate any base and take out any opponent he comes across.
  • Incredible Stealth- Solid Snake has mastered the art of infiltration and silent assassination thanks to the specialized training he has received over the years. His arsenal and weaponry and equipment further helps with this ability.
  • Octo Camo- A Specialized suit he wears which can change Snake's look and temperature to his surroundings, allowing him to appear invisible. However, it only provides him with so much protection against weaponry, knives and bullets can penetrate the suit easily.
  • Solid Eye- A high tech device placed on Solid Snake's eye, gives him Night Vision, Infrared Vision, can track footprints of any person, and displays a radar which picks up any nearby bio signatures, allowing him to detect anyone near him.
  • 1911 Operator Pistol- A standard pistol used for lethal assaults against enemies when stealth isn't an option. Silencer can be applied for stealth.
  • Stun Knife- A high tech blade which can discharge a large amount of electricity into what it has pierced, making it a perfect melee weapon.

Solid Snake is a highly trained badass capable of amazing feats, but lets see how he compares with his competitor.

Marcus Fenix

War veteran and highly skilled soldier, Marcus Fenix has been fighting for against alien foes all his life. Being a legendary hero during the Pendulum Wars, then leading the famed Delta Squad with his trusted comrades, Marcus Fenix has handled and dealt with insane odds and has been through all sorts of hell. However, he is one of the most skilled soldiers out there, making him one of the most dangerous threats to the Locusts and Lambent.


  • Peak Human Conditioning- Marcus has been a soldier ever since his youth. During this time, he has trained hard and fought hard against all sorts of threats, and in result, he has gained peak human levels of strength, speed, reflexes, and durability.
  • Quick Reflexes- Despite his bulky build, Marcus is incredibly fast and quick. Being able to react fast enough to duck and roll into cover, dodging gunfire, proves that he has insane reaction time.
  • Master Hand to Hand combatant- Serving in the military for as long as Marcus has requires you to learn and master many forms of hand to hand combat, which Marcus has done, making him a formidable fighter when up against physically superior Locusts.
  • Formidable Marksman- Marcus is an expert sniper, being able to pinpoint and take out enemies from a incredible distance.
  • Night Vision Goggles- When dealing with alien threats, there is no doubt you will end up dealing with them at night, and Marcus has realized this, so he keeps night vision goggles in his arsenal.
  • COG Armor- Standard armor given to COG soldiers, this armor grants Marcus a slight degree of protection against bullets and explosions. Adding to his already bulky figure, it is perfect for tanking damage, allowing him to give just as much.
  • Lancer Assault Rifle- Marcus, along with other COG soldiers, possesses the most badass weapon of all time. The Lancer Assault Rifle is a assault rifle with a chainsaw blade at the bottom of the barrel, allowing the rifle to act as a melee weapon to tear into foes when they get to close to you. Perfect for Long, Medium, and Short range encounters.
  • Sawed Off Shotgun- A sawed off double barrel beauty, this shotgun can blast aliens to bits if their within close enough distance. Perfect for keeping opponents at bay.
  • Snub Pistol- A standard sidearm given to COG soldiers, this is perfect as a last resort for when your other weapons are used up.
  • Bola Grenade- Standard grenade given to COG soldiers, this grenade is different than an average frag grenade. Attached to a handle, the user swings the grenade around, and once it gains enough momentum, the user releases the grenade from the handle, sending it flying at its designated target. Packs one hell of a punch.
  • Commando Knife- A large blade used for melee combat. Its exactly what you think of.
  • Longshot Sniper Rifle- The perfect sniper. Capable of pinpointing enemies at incredible distances, given to the right shooter, this baby can take out any species.

Alright, with the skills and vast arsenal that Marcus possesses, lets see how it handles against the stealth and gadgets Solid Snake has in his belt.


(A Chopper is seen landing in a rocky desert terrain. Marcus Fenix is seen inside as he looks at the pilot and nods his head, signalling the pilot to leave. Marcus walks further into the rocky terrain, wielding his Lancer Assault Rifle. Meanwhile, a Cargo Plane is seen in the sky. Solid Snake is seen wearing a parachute as the hatch to the plane opens up. Snake looks at the pilot and nods as he jumps out of the plane, diving towards the Rocky Terrain. He releases his parachute and slowly glides down, catching Marcus' attention.)

Marcus: Who the hell are you?

(Marcus runs towards the direction where Solid Snake landed. Running at full speed, Marcus reaches his destination. He aims down his Lancer and looks forward, only to find a bag.)

Marcus: What the?

(Marcus is suddenly sweep kicked form behind by an invisible foe. The foe is revealed to be Solid Snake, who becomes visible. Solid Snake is about to drop down and slam his Stun knife into Marcus' chest, only for Marcus to quickly catch Snake's arm and toss Snake aside. Solid Snake rolls onto his feet and quick draws his 1911 pistol. He fires an entire clip at Marcus, who quickly runs to cover behind a large boulder, getting shot in the back in the process, but he is unharmed thanks to his COG armor. Marcus aims his Lancer over the rock and fires it at Snake, who quickly performs a back flip behind a rock, taking cover. Solid Snake uses his Octo Camo to turn invisible and runs towards Marcus' location, not catching his attention.)

Marcus: Show yourself, coward.

(Solid Snake, who is still invisible, jumps over the large boulder, tackling Marcus to the ground. He becomes visible and punches Marcus 2 times rapidly, then takes out his stun knife, which he attempts to slam down onto Marcus' neck. Marcus quickly catches his hands and the 2 have a battle of strength. They both growl as they try to get an advantage, only for Marcus to quickly strike Snake in the rib, then punch him in the face, knocking Snake off him. Marcus quickly gets up, grabs his Lancer, and kicks Solid Snake onto his back. Marcus then starts his chainsaw and swings it downward onto Solid Snake, who quickly rolls backwards, avoiding the chainsaw. Snake then spins around, swinging his foot into Marcus' face, causing Marcus to stumble back. Marcus then quickly fires his lancer at Snake, who gets up and dives away, getting shot in the thigh in the process.)

Solid Snake: Dammit, i'm getting too old for this shit.

(Snake reloads his 1911 pistol then quickly aims and fires it at the slowly approaching Marcus. Snake shoots Marcus twice in the chest, only for Marcus to swing his lancer, squeezing the trigger in the process, senidng many bullets flying towards Solid Snake. Snake umps up and performs multiple flips in an attempt to dodge the bullets, only to get grazed multiple times. Marcus then straps his lancer to his back and pulls out his Sawed off Shotgun and also throws a Bola Grenade at Snake, who quickly dives away, avoiding the explosion. Solid Snake then reloads his pistol again, then turns invisible with his Octo Camo. Marcus aims his Shotgun from the hip and slowly looks around the area, only to get struck in the face by an invisible Solid Snake. Snake proceeds to strike Marcus multiple times while invisible, only for Marcus to fire his shotgun randomly, grazing Snake's hip. This him visible, and as Marcus is about to fire his second shot, Snake side kicks the shotgun out of the way, causing Marcus to miss entirely. Marcus, angry, rams into Solid Snake, knocking him onto the ground due to Marcus' immense size. Marcus then throws multiple hay makers at Solid Snake, who blocks and deflects them with his arms. Snake then roundhouse kicks Marcus in the face, then spin kicks him in the face, following this by thrusting his stun knife into his gut. Marcus is slightly protected by his COG armor, but Snake then presses the button on the knife, electrocuting Marcus, who yells in pain, then punches Snake in the face with enough force to knock him down. Marcus stumbles around, then takes out his Longshot Sniper. Snake sees this and quickly runs towards Marcus, who fires the rifle. The bullet flies towards Snake, grazing his cheek, but Snake jumps up, lifting Marcus' arm in the air, then wraps his legs around Marcus' body and flips him over. Marcus quickly smashes his fist into Snake's gut, but Snake endures this as he attempts to choke Marcus out with his legs. Marcus takes out his Commando knife and jams it into Snake's leg, freeing Marcus, who gets up and kicks Snake in the face, knocking him over.)

Marcus: I've killed things that make you look like a little girl, do you know who you're messing with?

Solid Snake: I honestly don't care who you are, i've been ordered to take you out, and I never fail my mission.

(The 2 charge at eachother, clashing their Commando Knife and Stun knife against eachother. Solid Snake slashes Marcus' arms multiple times, then is about to slam the knife into Marcus' neck, but Marcus catches his arm, then kicks him multiple times. Marcus then quickdraws his Snub Pistol, shooting Solid Snake in the gut. Solid Snake quickly runs to cover as Marcus fires his entire clip at him. Solid Snake holds his wound in pain.)

Solid Snake: Agh!

(Marcus tosses his pistol aside and takes out his Lancer again. He aims it down and slowly walks over to Solid Snake's location. Marcus doesn't notice Solid Snake sneak up behind him, allowing Snake to stab Marcus in the back with his Stun Knife, electrocuting Marcus. Marcus yells in pain and swings his chainsaw at Snake, who ducks and flips over, kicking Marcus in the face. Marcus sprays bullets everywhere, hitting Snake in the shoulder, only for Solid Snake to quickly throw his Stun Knife straight into Marcus' chest. Snake then runs and jumps up, slamming both of his feet into the knife, discharging electricity into Marcus, who yells in pain and falls on his knees. Solid Snake then gets up and spin kicks Marcus in the face, snapping his neck.)

Solid Snake: I'm retiring.

(Solid Snake falls down and lights a cigar.)

Winner = Solid Snake

Reason: While Marcus possessed the better weaponry and armor, Solid Snake just exceeds him in everything else. Both are highly trained, but Solid Snake possesses the better hand to hand combat skills. His stealth skills combined with his Octo Camo allowed him to sneak around Marcus to land some hits, managing to level the playing field due to Marcus' vast arsenal. Marcus also possessed the size advantage, able to overpower Snake with sheer size and power, but that wouldn't hurt Snake, and just because you're big doesn't make you electricity proof. Marcus' armor also can only take so much, and if Snake's knife can't pierce the armor entirely, it can still imbue Marcus with electricity, stunning him, allowing Solid Snake to land enough blows to knock him down for the count. Solid Snake is the winner.


The Red Hulk
The Red Hulk


The Rogue Titan
The Rogue Titan

Thank you guys for reading this Battle Arena. I hope you stay tuned for my next installment, pitting the 2 angry behemoths who for some reason generate heat when angry. Have a good day, everyone. :)


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