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I was expecting a passionate, slightly emotional end performance with the soul & passion we saw in the first Magic Mike, well... instead we got a minute long weak performance from each of the cast, finishing with Magic Mike and and some random extra, (hot) stripper that Mike had met only once, they joined together to give a decent striping performance on stage before the movie ends.

When the movie first starts there is potential, it's funny and outrageous, with the same classic drug use and partying. Mike agrees to go down to Florida on a sort of road trip with his friends, pushing his home made furniture business to the side. You get to see the group of friends on a more personal level. Dallas, (Mathew Mcconaughey) and Adam, (Alex Pettyfer) are not featured in this film, this was slightly disappointing, but as the film goes on I understood why. Once they reach Florida, and about 40 or so minutes into the movie the plot had disappeared. I would say it is the worst biography I've ever seen. The scenes are extremely long and random. To make it worse they decided to start introducing characters that we have never seen before only giving a half ass description though horribly written monologue. There are sufficient enough shirtless scenes if that's why you want to watch the film. I give this movie 5.1 stars because, although I do love solely watching this sort of film for the male stripping, it lacked a sustainable plot and failed to keep me interested.

Thumbs down.
Thumbs down.

The trailer was better then the film so let me save you some money on movie tickets, feel free to watch the trailer below.

What do you think Channing?

Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum


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