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When it comes to horror movies, the world is usually divided into two kinds of people. There are those, who aren't the biggest of fans and usually find themselves covering their eyes or on the verge of vomiting; then there are those, like myself, who could not live without horror films and are enjoying ever second and constantly shout things like: "Right in the eye!" Every time somebody is killed. However, I think most of us can agree that the quality of the horror genre in the movie industry is definitely at a decline.

Over the last few decades, most of us have enjoyed gripping horror franchises like "Saw", "Friday the 13th", "Halloween" and many more...and the reason we all enjoy(ed) them? Because basically they're so good! The well-thought out and original storylines kept us gripped from start to finish, some - Saw especially - make your jaw drop each time! Classics such as the previous franchises listed have become very iconic throughout the horror industry and have certainly set the bar high, yet it doesn't seem like many, or even any, horror films within the last few years have even been trying to create something original or even scary.

We all recognise legendary characters such as Michael Myers, Pennywise or Freddy Krueger, which is another reason why we all love these films, they created something incredible that has lived on for many years; but in all honesty, most recent horror films seem to be nothing more than found footage films that have ripped off "The Blair witch project" and the entire cast are made up of dumb-ass blondes who get killed witihin the first ten minutes by a villain that we never even get to see. And they seem to be all about loud noises to create crappy jump scares that just become annoying. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks this way?

However, sometimes all a film needs is a bit of a script doctor, and what I mean is that some of the dialogue and direction just needs a bit of editing, just so that all of the characters aren't the same blonde Mary-Sue, shy geeky girl, weed-smoking slob or athletic arrogant jock. Sound familiar?

Or maybe they just need to have their budget spent in a lot more of a logical fashion - granted, you need to be successful to attain a big budget, but all of the horror favourites started small....example, the first Saw film was shot in just 18 days and was primarily in one location: a bathroom. If something as simplistic as that can become one of the most successful horror franchises ever, anything is possible!

But, there's always that horrible trauma we all have to put up with...those low budget horror films that don't even try, the ones where at the end you feel like you want those two hours of your life returned to you in a little ribbon with an apology letter. This is where everything goes wrong for the industry, sure you can make a quick profit from those who get scared from the smallest of jump scares, but those of us who truly love horror are left in a state of utter disappointment (to say the least). I'm looking at YOU "Lovely Molly".

These days, people are not making films because they want to entertain, nor are they passionate about movies...they just do it for money - which is when the remakes that come out twenty years late are born, and even worse....the remakes!!!

That's another thing, people really need to leave things alone, especially horror, they are only getting remade because they know the title alone will bring in a large variety of viewers...who will end up seeing an atrocious film. I mean seriously? Remaking "Poltergeist"?! That's just the worst thing a human can do.

In conclusion, I feel that horror films just aren't worth watching anymore, which is a heartbreaking statement but it's true. Those involved in the process just do not care anymore and we hardcore horror fans are wearing constant frowns as a result. I understand that creating something original and scary isn't the easiest task in the world, but when every film is just a clone of the last and you can predict the entire storyline just by looking as the movie cover, they're in the wrong line of employment.

I think we need to re-visit what made our favourites so damn good! The iconic villains, the intensly well thought out storylines that shock you each time, the true scares or eerie ambience that gives you chills, but mostly importantly caring about the film andwanting to entertain.

But seriously, if I see another horror film where the description starts as: "As group of friends..." I may have to kill somebody...or at least get Chucky to do it.

What is your favourite horror film?


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