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When I was younger, there was an exhibit that had a virtual reality rollercoaster. It was a lot of fun, but the movements weren't that strong so it didn't feel as powerful or give quite the thrill that you get when you actually ride a coaster.

I thought about this going in to watch the movie, and honestly wondered if maybe it would be similar to that; fun, but not anything that felt like an extra added excitement to an already thrilling movie experience.

And boy, did those seats deliver!

The D-Box experience is not one to miss as it takes you through a ride along with the movie. When I used the seat I went to see Ant-Man, which I am sure you all know is an action movie. The surprising part of this experience is that even in subtle moments when you aren't thinking about the movements the seat does move, like when the camera sweeps over the water you feel the slight sway of the ocean, or when riding through an older van you can feel the rumble of the vehicle almost surround you. When you are watching the movie you are no longer just a movie goer, you are literally a part of the movie.

When a character takes a hit, you experience movements so that while you aren't actually getting a right hook to the face, you do feel the impact. The chair moves with the sweep of the camera as you go through an overhead shot. You feel the rumble or movements that are associated with whatever vehicle the characters are in at that time. It adds a thrill, and in the back of your mind you might wonder what is coming next but I didn't find it a distraction just an extension of the movie.

There are different level options to your seat, with the higher level giving you the biggest impact. For those worried that you might lose your movie theater snack thanks to the movement, don't worry. Your popcorn won't go flying. The middle level has the same movements but slightly lesser, so the subtle movements of the chair are little to none. There is also a setting to turn the seat off for a bit if you are prone to motion sickness or start to feel queasy.

While the price is a little higher for D-Box, you do get your money's worth with it. I wouldn't recommend it for those who are prone to motion sickness, as I mentioned you do feel everything. However, those who enjoy a good action movie and want to feel like they are part of it will be pleasantly surprised at how much attention to detail it gives.

Take the ride for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed.


Will you be trying out the D-Box seats next time you're at the theater?


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