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It's reasonable to say that the toughest critics of any comic book adaptation are going to be the writers and artists who first created the characters themselves. But when they feel the people behind bringing their characters to life on the big or small screen have done a good job of it, they can also be the biggest cheerleaders of the project.

(Unless you're Alan Moore, in which case you hate everything and everyone forever and take it as a personal insult when Hollywood wants to adapt your work.)

We've recently seen this creator-led cheerleading in the form of Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who may just be more excited for the upcoming Deadpool movie than anyone else out there. And we can now add equally iconic comic book creator Brian Michael Bendis to that list, as he took to his regularly-updated Tumblr page to gush about Netflix's Marvel adaptation, Jessica Jones.

The show is so good. I have seen the first couple of episodes and because i didn’t work on it directly i can say this with full no ego fanfare: i loved it!!

and believe me, i was going to be the hardest on it. harder than any of you.

jessica is a part of my DNA. A bad jessica jones show would have hurt me deeply.

Bendis was particularly impressed by Mike Colter as Luke Cage to the point of comparing him to the casting of RDJ as Tony Stark, even:

krysten ritter is soooo good. and michael colter. wait until you see michael colter. the casting of luke cage, in my opinion, and have said this to everyone behind the scenes, is as strong and spot on as the casting of tony stark. its probably the hardest to cast and they got it. perfect.

He also mentioned in the post that the look of the show will be "cracklin' noir," so it's safe to say that Marvel's Netflix shows will continue on in the darker tone set by Daredevil. Still, he says, Jessica Jones will have "its own palette," so perhaps it will find a middle ground between the ultra-dark noir of Daredevil and the brighter world of the larger MCU. You can read his post in its entirety on his Tumblr page.

In any case, I'm wildly curious to see how they'll play the relationship between Ritter's Jessica Jones and David Tennant's evil Kilgrave. Their comic book relationship was, not to put too blunt a spin on it, completely f**ked up. The psychological torture she faced at the hands of Kilgrave (Purple Man in the comics) was so brutal that it caused her to give up the superhero game forever. So it will be really interesting to see if they go there in the series, because it's a dark storyline. Real dark.

Marvel's Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix in December.


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