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David Markowski

So I recently heard Chris Hardwick remark on Ant-Man, it’s a nice change of pass to have a superhero movie that’s a smaller scale after the huge scale of Age of Ultron. And You know what, he’s right. I don’t think every superhero movie needs to be a giant scale the worlds in the balance story. Yes the potential was there with Yellowjacket selling weapons to Hydra, but it doesn't get to that bigger scale.

So Marvel did it, they gave of us a movie at just the right size for Ant-Man. It, at it’s core, this is a heist movie. And it never really detours from that theme. It has the right amount of comedy and heart and you really do root for the good guy, yet again. This movie did an excellent job of introducing Ant-Man/Scot lang to the MCU and I would definitely put this film in the top 5 of Marvel movies.

What is perplexing me is how it’s performing at the box office. The movie to date has made 63 million domestically (120 million worldwide). As opposed to Age of Ultron had made 217 domestically at this point. Of course the easy argument is well The Avengers were a known entity at this point and Ant-Man was an unknown. Then let’s compare Guardians of the Galaxy which had raked in 117 million domestically at this point. So why didn't people run out to see this one?

Do people not see Paul Rudd as a superhero? Or did people just not get to the theaters this weekend? I really hope it's the latter, because Mr. Rudd did an excellent job in this movie. I'm telling you you are really missing out if you haven't seen it yet.

I do predict as word of mouth spreads on this picture it will pic up steam, at least I hope. We know this film will make it’s money back and I would love to see a sequel. They sure put pieces in place for one.

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