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We’ve all been there and we have all suffered the loss of a beloved television show, cancelled before its time. More times than not, campaigns to save our shows fall on deaf ears and other times, it feels as though our cries have been heard by the gods themselves. Here are 5 shows I enjoyed that were unfortunately cancelled way too soon.

1. Ringer (2011-2012)

I've dedicated a lot of time rallying and hoping The CW series Ringer would return but sadly that never happened. The series marked Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to television after Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and with its jaw dropping twists and creative storyline it was television gold! Sadly, it was cancelled after only one season.

Ringer focused on the lives of two twin sisters, Bridget Kelley, a drug addict and stripper on the run from the mob, and Siobhan Martin, a wealthy and devious woman living in New York City with her husband. After witnessing Siobhan’s disappearance, Bridget takes over the life of her sister and assumes her identity thinking she could escape her old life and start all over. But little does she know, Siobhan’s life is not as simple as it seems.

As much as I would love the show back I know it won't happen. All I really ask now from The CW is for them to finally release the first season on DVD!

2. Witches of East End (2013-2014)

Lifetime's supernatural drama Witches of East End was cancelled after only two seasons in 2014. The series introduced us to Beauchamp sisters Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) discovering they're immortal witches, and that an ancient enemy is seeking revenge and threatens to destroy their family. With the help of their mother Joanna (Julia Ormond) and their aunt Wendy (Mädchen Amick) the sisters learn to control their powers in order to protect their loved ones, all while keeping their powers a secret from those around them.

The season 2 finale concluded with the cliffhanger of the century! Will we ever get closure? I'm not giving up hope. Currently, you can stream season 2 on Netflix. At the moment the show is listed under Netflix's popular category. Could Netflix reach out to Lifetime to acquire rights to the series for a continuation?

Lets hope so!!

3. The Client List (2012-2013)

Unfortunately, Lifetime's most controversial series The Client List was a cancellation victim after only two seasons. The show starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as Riley Parks, a Texas housewife who was left in financial trouble after being deserted by her husband Kyle Parks (Brian Hallisay). Riley decided to take a job at a day spa in a nearby town to get her life together. But later she found out the spa's employees provided additional services. She would eventually decide to offer those same services, but keeping it a secret was a struggle.

The cancellation was a mutual decision between Lifetime and Sony TV, who were in a standoff with Hewitt over the creative direction of a potential third season. Hewitt was requesting that her real-life fiancé (at the time) Brian Hallisay play her character Riley’s baby daddy on the show, something producers didn't have interest in pursuing.

Even though the series is long gone, I can't help but miss it.

4. ALF (1986-1990)

Who can forget ALF!? The series revolved around Gordon Shumway, otherwise known as Alf, who crash landed in the garage of the suburban middle-class Tanner family. The show ran for four seasons, but four never felt like enough.

This decade seems to be the decade of returning television shows. Could ALF make a comeback? One can only hope. I heard interesting news a few years back about a movie being green-lit, but unfortunately nothing ever came of it so far.

5. Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000)

The first rule of compiling a list of "cancelled too soon television shows" is simply: Include Freaks and Geeks.

From the shows soundtrack, to its relatable characters and plot-lines, Freaks and Geeks offered entertainment for all. The series followed the Weir siblings Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) and Sam (John Francis Daley), as they navigated the dangers and joys of a Michigan high school around 1980.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season.


Which of these shows do you miss the most?


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