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Usually, it's Marvel films that we're used to seeing dominate the box office, juggernauts that steamroll any other movies unlucky enough to get caught in their path.

But lo! A new contender appears! For this summer's Jurassic World has been breaking records left and right as it continues to climb the box office charts both foreign and domestic. In fact, so dominant has its run been that it has now officially knocked off The Avengers from third place on the all-time highest-grossing movie list, bumping it to fourth. The Avengers topped out at $1.52 billion dollars, while Jurassic World is at $1.522 billion and can expect to generate even more as it has yet to open in Japan.

This isn't the first record that Jurassic World has snatched away from the Avengers, however: Last month, it surpassed The Avengers as the highest-grossing domestic opening weekend of all time.

So now, the top 5 all-time highest-grossing movies looks like this:

1.) Avatar ($2.788 billion)

2.) Titanic ($2.187 billion)

3.) Jurassic World ($1.522 billion + counting)

4.) The Avengers ($1.520 billion)

5.) Furious 7 ($1.512 billion)

Those are just insane amounts of money we're talking about here. But I expect the list will get shaken up even further later this year when [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), predicted by some to be the first movie ever to break $300 million domestically on its opening weekend, hits theaters.

Until now, we'll continue to watch as Chris Pratt and his velociraptors beat down records at the box office.


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