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**Spoilers Ahead**

With the Wheels of Season 6 beginning to turn, now is a good time to go back and review season 2 of the series, if you wish to see other GOT Season reviews, then click on my home page and look for the season you wish to visit.


If you thought the world of Game of Thrones was incredibly vast and complex with a crazy variety of characters, brace yourself for Season 2!

At the start of season 2, Tyrion arrives at King's Landing to take his father's place as Hand of the King, Stannis Baratheon plans to take the Iron Throne for his own, Robb tries to decide his next move in the war, and The Night's Watch are north of the wall.

Pivotal Characters

Robb Stark

After the final events of Season 1, Robb Stark has had to step it up by not only becoming the new liege lord, but now the new 'King in the North'. Throughout the season, Robb expresses his love and compassion for the northern realm as he puts time and effort to win all the battles in the war between the Starks and the Lannisters.

However some mistakes were made. In this season, he meets and then marries 'Talisa Maegyr', despite his promise to marry one of Walder Freys daughters in exchange for Walder Freys army. Robb also lets Jaime Lannister slip through his fingers due to Catleyn releasing him in exchange for Sansa and Arya Stark. Which leads to the anger of his banner-men as they wanted revenge for the deaths Jaime has caused.

The creators have given Robb a lot more screen time than in the previous season due to Ned Stark's death, and the fans are allowed to see how passionate and powerful this character is throughout the entire season. The fans are also allowed to see just how strategic the character is, and how he quickly starts to tip the odds into his favour.

Richard Madden puts in a great performance as Robb Stark, he puts 100% commitment and passion to the character and it shows on screen. He is half the reason we love Robb Stark.

Tyrion Lannister

After Tywin Lannister assigns Tyrion as acting hand of the king, he embraces this from the first episode to the last. He attempts to play the game by getting rid of the dead wood in the small council, including Janos Slynt and Grand Maester Pycelle, and then prepared and successfully defended King's Landing against the impending Stannis Baratheon.

However, just like in the first season. Tyrions mere presence continues to infuriate his family members, especially Cerei and Joffrey, meaning he had to watch his back in a nest of vipers.

Just like Robb Stark, the creators have enhanced Tyrion Lannisters screen time, and as he was a fan favorite in season 1, he only gets better in season 2. With the fans seeing just how intelligent and cunning the character really is throughout the entire season.

Peter Dinklage improves upon his performance from the previous season, and seems to embrace his character receiving some deserved power.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow finally got what he wanted and has gone north of the wall with a small group of the rangers to find out what happened to his uncle, Benjen Stark. As they search, they come across Qhorin Half-Hand, who plans on attacking a Wilding camp. As Jon Snow joins them, they come across a small band of Wildings, where Jon Snow comes across a Wilding Girl called Ygritte.

After the attack, Jon Snow and Qhorin Half-Hand get arrested by another band of Wildings, who attempt to take them to Mance Rayder, the King Beyond-The-Wall. Qhorin believes that they need a man inside the army to retrieve information for the Nights Watch, so Qhorin has Jon kill him to earn the Wilding's trust.

Throughout the season, I felt his character had a fairly mild season, I would not count it as a slow season, but I felt that this could have been made more efficient and possibly add more intriguing story to his character.

Kit Harrington provided an average performance as Jon Snow in season 1, but here he vastly improves and manages to provide a character who is conflicted about his actions and his motives, which helps the audience engage with this character.

Stannis Baratheon

A character that was mentioned a lot in Season 1 but never seen until now. According to the late Ned Stark, Stannis Baratheon is the heir to the Iron Throne due to Joffrey's illegitimacy and so Stannis acts on this and prepares to go to war with not only the Lannisters, but his own brother Renly Baratheon, who also is claiming to be the heir to the throne. Stannis prepares by building his army to take King's Landing by sailing to Blackwater Bay, but then loses due to Tyrion using Wildfire against his ships.

Stannis Baratheon is something we have not seen before on this show, not only does he act as a cold-blooded killer, but he has the intelligence to know what and why he is doing this, part of this is that he burns people alive for the sake of his newly found religion, the Lord of Light, led by Melisandre, a red Priestess.

Stephen Dillane puts in a magnificent performance by playing a king who has no heart and no mercy for his subjects.

Pivotal Episodes

The Old Gods and The New - Episode 6

In this episode, Tyrion struggles to control a riot against King Joffrey, as the war starts to have an impact on the poorer families, they express their hatred for Joffrey by throwing cow pie towards his head, with Joffrey responding by wanting all their heads, which then angers the rioters further. As they get back to the citadel safely, Tyrion unleashes his anger at Joffrey, slapping him whilst calling him a vicious idiot and a fool.

Also in this episode, we witness Theon Greyjoy completeing his betrayal of Robb Stark by taking Winterfell and keeping Bran and Rickon as hostages. He takes a few hundred men, and then executes one of Ned Stark's old advisers, and a good friend of the Stark Family.

Black Water - Epidose 9

In this episode, we get to witness Stannis Baratheon finally arrives at King's Landing with more ships and more men. Which gives him favorable odds. In King's Landing, Tyrion prepares for the siege by setting up the wildfire and putting Bronn into position.

As Stannis arrives, Tyrion sends out one ship full of wildfire and signals Bronn to ignite it when it gets to Stannis' fleet, causing it to violently explode and sends his ships down to the bottom of Blackwater bay. However Stannis marches on, and reaches the gates, so Tyrion inspires the troops to defeat the first wave of soldiers.

However when the second wave appears, the Lannister army struggles, along with one of the kings-guard cutting Tyrions face. However Tywins army along with the Tyrells finish off the remainder of Stannis' forces, with Stannis managing to escape before getting surrounded.

Valar Morghulis - Episode 10

In this episode, we witness the aftermath of the Battle of Blackwater, which proved to be a tense and thrilling affair. Now that Tywin Lannister has arrived in Kings Landing and officially appointed as the new Hand of the King, this forces Tyrion to be pushed aside whilst healing from his facial wounds.

Elsewhere, Jon Snow gets to the main wildling camp, now the small band of wildilings start to trust him after he killed Qhorin Halfhand.

Finally, Sam, Ed and Grenn are at the fist of the first men. And then they hear a the horn blown three times, which is a signal for White Walkers. As Ed and Grenn run, Sam attempts to but is too slow and then encounters the Army of the Dead, along with the White Walker leader, who commands thousands of Whites.

Season Positives

The main positives I can give this season is the enhancement in story and character development, including the likes of Tyrion Lannister and Robb Stark, who step up to the plate of real power, with excellent actors who can provide that acting talent to create such unique and complex characters.

Also, support characters such as Bronn and Arya Stark have shown to the audience that the variety of characters is so massive that everyone watching should relate to at least one of those characters.

By biggest surprise was Varys, and how smart his character actually was, this was shown when he gave his 'Power' speech to Tyrion, which was for me, one of the best parts of the season.

Season Negatives

My main negative has to be Bran's story-line. The premise of it sounds very intriguing, but the execution was poor in my opinion. This would probably be cause by the very slow pacing of the story, it felt repetitive when it should be going at a more efficient pace, so it does not lose the audience halfway through the season.


Overall, despite Bran's storyline, season 2 has given us a bigger and better perspective of the unique and complex world that is Game of Thrones. This season builds upon the last and somehow improves upon it. And thats never too bad!

So what do you think? Comment below and let me know!


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