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With the wheels of Season 6 beginning to turn, now is a good time to go back and review season 2 of the series. If you wish to see other GOT Season reviews, then click on my home page and look for the season you wish to visit.


At the start of Season 5, Cersei and Jaime adjust to a world without Tywin. Tyrion and Varys arrive at Pentos. In Meereen, a new enemy emerges. And Jon Snow is caught between two kings.

Part of its genius is an ability to shatter your dreamed-for outcomes and keep you begging for more at the same time. Enjoy, carefully...

Pivotal Characters

Daenerys Targaryen

After the events of Season 4, Dany starts to expeirence even further political dispute, so much so that she begins to have a rebellion on her hands, called the 'Sons of the Harpy', who are the slave masters in Mereen who completely despise Dany's rule. They cause havoc all over the city, so far as to kill Barristan Selmy and injuring Grey Worm, and is forced to open the fighting pits in an attempt to calm the situation down.

During one of the bigger fighting events, where Jorah Mormont returns as a fighter, the 'Sons of the Harpy' attack with full force, taking out a large amount of the Unsullied, but lucky for them, Drogon comes in and burns most of the 'Harpies', and then takes Dany east, where a Dothraki Horde finds them.

Dany's character continues to excel as she learns what it means to rule, even if it is through the hard way, and we even got see glimpses of the Mad King as she inists on burning Slave Masters alive as punishment for Selmy's death.

Emilia Clarke really shows the fans how she has grown into the role of Dany, she continues to improve not only her general acting abilities, but her abilities to improve her character in Game of Thrones.

Stannis Baratheon

After crippling the Wilding Army, Stannis attempt to convince the Wilding Army to join his cause and be rewarded with lands in Westeros and become citizens of the realm, and sadly he fails to do so, then Stannis tries to convince Jon Snow march on Winterfell with him, and even tells Jon that he will make him Jon Stark. But Jon refuses.

Later, Stannis leaves Castle Black and marches onto Winterfell, and this is where it starts go downhill, Stannis burns his daughter as a sacrifice for God, his wife commits suicide because of this, Davos and Melisandre leave for Castle Black, and half of his army abandon him, but he moves forward. Stannis eventually loses against the Boltons, and Brienne of Tarth kills Stannis.

For me, this is Stannis' best season, we see him at his best at the start of this season, and then we see him at his worst by the end of the season, the situation for him is similar to a snowball down a hill, slow at first, but it goes faster as it goes down, and is persistence to march forward shows how brave and insipiring his character truly is.

Stephen Dillane continues to put in a magnificent performance by playing a king who has no heart and no mercy for his subjects, even his own daughter.

Jon Snow

After victory in the battle of Castle Black, Jon Snow became loved by most of his brothers, so much so that he was voted to become Lord Commander, edging out Aliser Thorne. One of his first acts as Lord Commander is to convince the Wildings to move South of the Wall and into the gift, so long as they join the Night's Watch in the war against the White Walkers, which is not a popular decision within Castle Black.

As Jon goes to Hardhome, where most of the Wildings are currently occupied, they experience a grueling and intense attack from the White Walkers, and they manage to save 5,000 Wildings in the process, who they take south of the wall. As some of the Brothers begin to get angry with Jon's decision, some of the brothers gather and trick Jon, eventually stabbing him in the stomach, with the audience not knowing whether he survived or not.

Jon Snow goes into uncharted territory once again, as he makes unpopular decisions throughout the entire season, and has to deal with challengers, but the audience does get a good taste at how he is as a leader, and we are not disappointing.

Kit Harrington has a bad start in performance compared to the other actors, but now we are in season 5, and Kit shows his range of acting abilities and delivers a man who shows great leadership and honor.

Tyrion Lannister

After killing Tywin and Shae at the end of Season 4, Varys manages to help Tyrion escape to the east, where they decide to meet with Daenerys Targaryen and help her cross the narrow sea, but when they reach Volantis, Jorah Mormont captures Tyrion and takes him to Dany in the hopes that Jorah would get reinstated for bringing her an enemy as a gift. They eventually get captured by Slavers, who take them to the fighting pits, where they eventually meet Daenerys Targaryen.

She takes them back to Mereen and banishes Jorah once again, and has Tyrion advising her on the status of Westeros and the houses within it. In one of the fighting games, Dany leaves with Drogon and Tyrion takes responsibility of looking after Mereen with Varys whilst Jorah and Daario look for Daenerys.

Just like Jon Snow, this is new depths for Tyrion, where this is his first season outside of Westeros, and it shows, the character does have a weak and slow start, but he got into his stride when he met with Dany and gave her sound and solid advice on a variety, which is the Tyrion we know and love!

Peter Dinklage continuous to provide a wonderfully diverse character that we can never stop listening to!

Pivotal Episodes

Kill the Boy - Episode 5

In this episode, Jon meets with Tormund Giantsbane and asks him to lead the free folk back south of the wall. Jon says he will talk to Stannis about lending a fleet of ships to collect the people. Tormund says he will do it only if agrees to come with him to hardhome and convinces the free folk that the ships that they are boarding won't be torched. The Night's Watch men are not happy about this. Jon says they have all been fighting for hundreds of years but they can either abandon the free folk can deal with the army of the dead alone. or they can learn to live with them.

Meanwhile, Tyrion and Jorah travel through Valyria, as they go through the ruined city they see one of Dany's dragons flying overhead. Then one of the famed Stone Men jumps into the water by their boat. The men then attack the boat. Jorah warns Tyrion to not allow them to touch him and be infected. Jorah fights them off whilst Tyrion jumps overboard to escape. As he does he is grabbed from underneath by a Stone Man who drags him further down.

He comes to some time later. Jorah saved them and they are on a shore somewhere. He says they'll need to find another boat or else they have a very long walk ahead of them. Jorah asks if Tyrion was touched and he says no. Jorah says he's off to get wood and as he turns, he pulls back his sleeve to reveal he's infected with greyscale.

Hardhome - Episode 8

In this episode, Jon, Tormund, and some brothers manage to convince some of the Wildings to go with them south of the wall, for protection of the impending White Walkers, so long as they fight when the war comes. The Wildlings start loading up to get on the ships. There are going to be at least 5,000 and many are still staying behind. Suddenly, an army of White Walkers descends on Hardhome and it is terrifying. They run to shut the gates and people are still outside them. Everyone inside the gates regards the onslaught. Suddenly the Walkers are at the gates, busting through.

People start running for the rowboats whist some men of the Night's Watch and the free folk fight for awhile, one White Walker and Jon go toe to toe. Jon uses his own sword and destroys the Walker. So now we know Valyrian steel can destroy them. But they soon start to get overloaded. Jon, Tormund and a few others outrun them to the boats. As they row away they look back towards the shore. The main walker regards them turns the dead into whites. Jon and a few other survivors in the boat are freaked out. Jon knows that the long night has come and the dead have come with it.

Meanwhile, Tyrion and Jorah stand before Dany. Tyrion says he seeks to advise her. She asks his advice on Jorah. Tyrion speaks well of him mostly, but he did betray her. She tells the guards to take Jorah out of her city. Later, Tyrion and Dany talk. He explains how she has no support in Westeros since there are no Starks or Targaryens, the Baratheons and Lannisters won't help, and maybe she'll have the Tyrells. She talks about the endless spinning of the wheel between the families. She says she doesn't plan on stopping it, she plans to break it.

Mothers Mercy - Episode 10

In this episode, Jon talks to Sam about what happened at Hardhome, which leads to Sam asking Jon to go to Oldtown with Gilly and her child to become a Maester, to which Jon reluctantly accepts. Later on a group of brothers, including Alliser and Olly, mutiny against Jon, leaving him to die.

Meanwhile in Stannis' camp, Stannis soon discovers that Selyse hangs herself and half of his forces have deserted him, and Melisandre flees to Castle Black. But Stannis insists that they march to Winterfell, and when they do, Stannis is defeated by the Boltons and then killed by Brienne, who seeks revenge for Renly's death.

Also in this episode, Tyrion, Jorah and Daario dicuss what has happened and what they intend to do, Jorah and Daario agree to get some horses and search for Dany, who has flown up north, and cannot seem to return. Whilst Tyrion looks after Mereen, as he watches them go, Varys appears and tells Tyrion that he will be successful in his care for Mereen, so long as they work together. (Varys' spies and Tyrion's political skills.)

Lastly, Jaime, Myrcella, Bronn and Trystane sail back to King's Landing from Dorne. Jaime attempt to explain Myrcella's parentage, but then Myrcella tells Jaime that she knows he is her father, they embrace, but then Myrcella collapses from being poisoned by Ellaria.

Season Positives

One big positive I give this season is the Story-line is up and beyond the wall with the likes of Jon Snow and Sam Tarly, it became an incredibly fascinating storyline that the audience soon starts to realize is the most important and the most relevant of all the stories due to the impending White Walker attack, and Jon Snow becoming Lord Commander, and all the difficulties that come with it.

My biggest positive I can give this season is the last 4 episodes, from the start of 'The Gift' to the end of 'Mothers Mercy'. It more than makes up for the slow start the season had, it was heart-warming, gut-wrenching, nail-biting, and everything in between. If these 4 episodes were one mini-season, then I would call it the best season of any TV show ever, but we had another 6 episodes in the season...

Season Negatives

Every Game of Thrones season seems to have one weak storyline! Arya's story this season had huge potential, some thought that this could be the center piece of the season. But for me it just comepletely fell flat, for half the season she was not doing anything, and the second half of the season she barely trains, all she does is kill Meryn Trant in the finale, which has been extremely disappointing.

Also, despite it still intrigued me, King's Landing slowed down this season, maybe that was because it missed most of the usual crew, or they tried going a different direction. There are many reasons, but never-the-less, this storyline was slower than previous seasons.


Despite the slow start and some weaker storylines, it more than makes up for it in the final few episodes. This season continues its great tradition of being one of the best shows on TV at the moment! Watch it, unless you don't want your heart breaking at the end.

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