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As I write this, I am watching Hook for the first time, starring Robin Williams. It's about an adult Peter Pan who goes back to Neverland to save his children, who have been kidnapped by Captain Hook. I think this is a great idea, and it made me think of Maleficent, staring Angelina Jolie. Maleficent is a version of Sleeping Beauty, but tells us the story from Maleficent's perspective and how she became bad. I love this new take an old Disney classics, and decided to come up with a few of my own. So here it goes...

1). Alice in Wonderland - The Queen of Hearts

How about seeing a film from the point of view of the Red Queen, a.k.a the Queen of Hearts? Why was she so angry? Why did she hate Alice? The film could explore her relationship with the White Queen. I enjoyed Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland, and thought it was a good idea to include the bit about the Red Queen's guard trying it on with Alice. It gave the Red Queen another reason to be furious with Alice (as well at there being a prophecy about her slaying her precious Jabberwocky). To focus more on the Red Queen, a little like how Maleficent focused on the bad guy, would be pretty cool.

2). Snow White - The Wicked Stepmother

A remake of Snow White could be from the point of view of the wicked stepmother. Why did she hate Snow White? Why was she so cruel to Snow White and her father? Why did she kill the king? The film could go through the stepmother's life, depicting something in her childhood that contributed to her behaviour when she became the queen. Why did she want to be "the fairest of them all"? Was she unloved and made to feel ugly as a child? Could be an interesting movie.

3). The Sword in the Stone - Merlin

I suggest this because I think it could be a visually stunning film. I also enjoyed the T.V series Merlin, where Merlin is a servant to Prince Arthur and keeps his powers secret. It is Merlin's destiny to help Arthur become the king of Camelot - I'd love to see a film starring Merlin! It would be great to see his relationship with Arthur develop and watch Arthur grow from a boy to a king with the help of Merlin.

4). The Little Mermaid - Prince Eric

This could make a good family film. We'd witness the reaction of Eric when he first sees a mermaid - maybe he questions whether it's real, or maybe he's scared? And when he meets the girl of his dreams, we'll be rooting for him to get with Ariel and panicking at the suspense when he is falling for the wrong girl. This could be a good fantasy rom-com.

5). Mulan - Shang

The film could depict his struggles as he whips his army into shape, and how one student stands out in particular - Ping. Imagine the twist towards the end when Shang discovers that Ping is really Mulan, and watching him slowly fall in love with her would be amazing too. Shang is a good character, so I'd defiantly go see this film!

6). Frozen - The Sequel

Maybe Elsa meets and falls in love with someone who has the same power as her? But he's a bad man who wants to be king and he freezes her, telling the kingdom that she is missing and Ana, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven go looking for her and try to find out what happened to Elsa. Or maybe Elsa's lover goes with them too and the twist is that he was behind it all along! I don't care what happens, I just want a sequel ASAP!

So those are some of my ideas - comment yours below!

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