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Get out your computers and dust off your wacky conspiracy theories, everyone. It was announced today that the trio of The Lone Gunmen will be returning in the same roles for the upcoming reboot of The X-Files.

Dean Haglund (Richard Langly), Bruce Harwood (John Fitzgerald Byers), and Tom Braidwood (Melvin Frohike) built up a fervent fan following during their recurring role on the show as Mulder's conspiracy theorizing, government watchdogging, computer hacking sometime-partners in crime. Today, Haglund announced on his Twitter that they would indeed be reprising their roles.

Now, how exactly they'll be reprising their roles remains to be seen, as, well, they supposedly died in Season 9's "Jump the Shark" episode when they sacrificed themselves in order to save everyone else. They were buried in Arlington National Cemetery, so, unless those graves were empty, they only way they're reappearing is in flashback or as ghosts (please, please don't do the ghost thing again).

But this is The X-Files we're talking about, so there's every possibility that their death was a conspiracy, government cover-up, or some other twist that will find them alive and well, though possibly with new identities.

The Lone Gunmen won't be the only familiar faces to return, however. Along with David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), Mitch Peleggi is returning as boss Walter Skinner, and William B. Davis is also back on board as ultimate arch-nemesis Cigarette Smoking Man.

The X-Files reboot will premiere on January 24th.


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