ByVictor Cardenas, writer at
are you really gonna read this?? i thought so, i like movies and that's why i'm here

It'd be cool how ironic the tittle has become related to this movies if i actually thought that the people who made them were in on the joke. I mean who are they making this movies for?? to see all of 80s and 90s action stars in the same movie ?? that novelty pretty much wore off half way throe the second film. action fans in general?? nah, they wanted to make easy money so all action in this film is now PG13, also it has at least 3 of the best martial arts actors in it,Li, Statham and Stipes, do they have a martial arts fight in it?? nope. What if you wanna have a good time and don't want to think too much into it?? well this movie goes from having a "funny" scene to one of their friends almost dying and then back to another funny scene, it's not even a fun, drinking game, bad movie. it's a sad,boring, bad movie. The movie doesn't know what it wants to be and by trying to appeal to everyone it appeal to no one. please stop making this films because no one wants to see them anymore.


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