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This is an article about a VERY convinving Batman theory. I think Batman could be in Arkham Asylum and be hallucinating all of his villains. (Aguably his most popular, the Joker) would be Dr. Joe Car, and other ridiculous but awesome villains would be real doctors in Arkham. Harley Quinn is pretty self explanitory as she used to be a psychiatrist in Arkham before Joker basically brainwashed her. So let me know what you guys think on my theory in the comments below.. I will have links to my Youtube channel where i do things similar to this article, and i will have a link to my Twitter riiiiiiiight here:

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(P.S im sorry this article was so short this is my first time writing lol)

Also as a bonus here is an extra Batman theory that I personally did not think of while writing this:

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