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want far cry 5 to be in diffrente time , enter some vortex in game to go in western time, withe crazy i mean real crzy enimes with sene of humair whene they talk we can laught ,like in far cry3 ,and diffrente type of enemy in deffrente mission ,not the same at all the game ,western time like (call of juarez gunslinger) and put in every time a final boss, i prefere big creature dragon or bad animals with realy huge size ,giant , with big head and everything ,we must see in the skye to see em all ,or with some cenimatique like in far cry 3 of vas and meet it every time, ( not like on pag min, we cant find it he just talke on phone),the hero player must be angry and serious like trevor in gta5 or max payne 3 ,not childless , with new super power , teleportation like in dishonerd , or slow motion thats when we exccute enimie and cut hear like in dishonerd , rage and stop time tokill the others,go to vitname time and do war in beautiful jungle, cocaine stage and marijuana ,or in africa with black mafia of getto ,possibilté for 3 ed personne viewer ,like in hitman 47, with big camera zoom that look great when the personage walk and (cars look zoom in and tall) like in hitmane 47 game,want see her back and head, its should be big as mostley size of sceen game, and for the first person i love to see the chest and the feet of our hero like in daying light person;the mission must be long not quicker,big map,the effect of color like in blood dragon that realy great thing ,(when he fix her hand robot),diffrente wither, and long day beatiful sunset ,when he run ,must run quicker than that, like on welfenstein or just littel bit slow that nice, armes with lot of detaille ,its look great when we see gunes detail like in far cry 4 but we want more,camera must chake a littel when he move and run, longue story ,and that far cry 5 must run smoother and fast in dual core processor,and middel gpu ,i mean best optimisation like they do in gta 5 ,thanks all of u .

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