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Who here reading this article and loves Star Wars and Star Wars games? I do! Even when I played Star Wars: KOTOR and KOTOR II, I was wondering when they would release a new update? Maybe in the next year or so after it's release? Well, it was announced a day or couple of days ago that a new update for the game would be released on Steam. Lead designer Chris Avelione admitted some years later that the game was rushed due to pressure from LucasArts and the team’s decision not to cut stuff out. Even so, the game was received well and proved highly popular. Now, some 10 years later, it just got a massive update on Steam.

Over the years since release the game has received both official and unofficial patches to fix hundreds of bugs, restore content, and implement widescreen support. However, Disney and LucasArts partnered with game porting specialist Aspyr Media recently to implement a big official update for the game. They delivered that update today, much to the pleasure of fans.

The update includes the following improvements and feature additions:

  • Native support for widescreen resolutions
  • Addition of resolutions right up to 5K
  • Ability to save the game using Steam Cloud
  • 37 achievements added that are earned through gameplay
  • Controller support including Xbox 360 (wired and wireless), Xbox One (wired), PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Razor Sabertooth for Xbox 360, Thrustmaster GPX, Logitech Gamepad F310, and Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
  • Steam Workshop support including TSLRCM from the Restored Content Mod Team
  • Force Speed Effects option added to game menu

The game (which is on sale) is 25% off from $9.99 view the game and buy here. The update is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of the game on Steam. Existing owners attempting to run the game on a modern system will certainly benefit from this update, especially the new resolution support. It’s probably also going to entice more than a few people who enjoyed the game back in 2005 to pick it up again on Steam. At least, I’m sure that’s what Disney is hoping.

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