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It's happening, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill! After years and years of everyone and their mother trying to get this 1976 sci-fi gem remade it's finally going to happen within our lifetime. Hopefully.

Word on the street is that Warner Brothers has hired famed producer Simon Kinberg (Fantastic Four) to write the story, the treatment and eventually produce it along with the Veteran producer and heavyweight Joel Silver (The Matrix).

Joel Silver(left) Simon Kinberg(right)
Joel Silver(left) Simon Kinberg(right)

Since 1994 a Logan's Run remake has been talked about and applauded by us die hard fans. It's just never happened for some reason. I've counted at least 19 different award winning and proven filmmakers that have been attached to the remake. 19?!!! Brian Singer was attached and it was so very close to being made, but he dropped out last minute and the production offices where taken over for a remake no one needed, Speed Racer.

Nicolas Winding Refn and his muse Ryan Gosling were in serious talks around 2011 and it looked like it was going to happen, then Gosling left the project and that was that. I would like to think they didn't both leave the project to make Only God Forgives. Woof!

For those not familiar with the film, I'll summarize it the best I can. It's about a futuristic society full of horny people who live in a carefully run utopia. They have crystals "life-clocks" implanted into their palms and when yours flashes around age 30 it means times up. You have to report to the "Carrousel" to be "renewed". Logan is a cop and his job is to track down those that run when their crystals flash. Then one day his starts flashing and he decides to run.

God I love this movie!

I really hope that the new writers and producers can carry this through because this is one remake I think we could use. It's a great story with such potential for amazing effects and acting from the right cast and crew.

You can steam Logan's Run Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant, YoutTube and something called Mgo.

PS: I love Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, I just hated Only God Forgives.


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