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Tuff Turf, The Sure Thing, YoungBlood, Reckless, Some Kind of Wonderful

So yeah, I am pretty jealous of my parents.

I'm a 90's born kid and yeah we had some pretty cool stuff in that generation (I still play my Gameboy with Pokemon Gold), but if it is one thing the 90's could not compare, it was 80's cult classics. Regardless if you searched for action, or maybe you were an avid Brat Pack fan (I know to this day The Breakfast Club is still my favorite movie of all time). Just to name a few others that you've probably thanked your parents generation for: Sixteen Candles, Can't Buy Me Love, St. Elmo's Fire, Weird Science, and plenty of other fantastic films.

I find that our generation is coming with neat new ideas, but let's face it...we have also become crippled in our creative struggles. We have recycled many old films from many generations and for good reason--there was some magic there. Yes, the effects might be cheesy or maybe even some questionable acting (I remember watching the first Return of the Living Dead movie where the zombie moaned over the radio "Send more paramedics..."), but these films pumped those creative juices into some of our most loved directors and producers of today. I believe that some of these films got lost with time, but this article plans on putting the starters on the bench and playing the underdogs for a chance. I won't list my choices in order of importance or preference because each movie is unique in it's own way. Enjoy!

1.) Youngblood (1986)

Cynthia Gibbs=Emma Watson of the 80's? I think so.
Cynthia Gibbs=Emma Watson of the 80's? I think so.

This movie hits home for me. I'm Illinois bred and while I may have my roots around Central Illinois, my future wifey Sarah and I both have a sweet spot for Chicago and especially our team, The Chicago Blackhawks. Of course, this movie is even remotely close to Chicago. Here we are brought to the frontline of Canada where a young Dean Youngblood (played by Rob Lowe) gets his chance to get off the farm working with his father and his brother after his brother lost his chance because of fighting in the league. Patrick Swayze and all of the goons (Hell, even Keanu Reeves made his appearance in this film as the goofy goalie) make him feel at home plenty where he is put through a rather sharp initiation after his selection to be apart of the Canadian Hamilton Mustangs. He soon meets the coach's daughter, Jesse Chadwick (played by Cynthia Gibb), and the movie offers a juicy sex scene giving it an R rating (well that, and the amount of language you would expect from a hockey movie. Plenty of hockey fights, 80's power music, and retro feel gives this movie yet another sweet spot on this list.

  • Why I love this movie: I absolutely adore hockey and was so surprised by how good of a story was put together. I won't spoil the ending, but damn...that last 20 minutes is worth the time you spend watching this movie. Grab your girl/guy and some popcorn for this flick.
  • Favorite quote: "The only thing better than a glass of beer, is tea with Miss McGill!" - Patrick Swayze

2.) The Sure Thing (1985)

Daphne Zuniga is so innocent looking; b-e-a-utiful.
Daphne Zuniga is so innocent looking; b-e-a-utiful.

This movie is sweet. No, not like the "sweet" ride your driving. It's the typical boy meets girl story. Except John Cusack is just a horny guy who goes off to college on the East Coast and meets Daphne Zuniga in his English class. I haven't lost you yet, right? So his buddy is partying in California and tells him all of these beautiful women are out there, but there is one chick here (played by Nicolette Sheridan in her first film) that is an absolute--sure--thing. Of course he and Zuniga butt heads, but aren't they surprised when they end up having to carpool together to get to California with a couple who absolutely loves show tunes. No sex scenes in this (well, nothing worth mentioning at least), but plenty of good laughs and scenes that will make you chuckle with your loved ones and definitely cuddle a little closer. These two are a dynamic duo who deserved so much more recognition for this one. I recommend this one on date night, and especially if you like poking fun at each other and role play along with this movie.

  • Why I love this movie: This movie is quirky, but funny. It's sweet, but sour. It is realistic flirtation and probably the most accurate way an unofficial couple would act. Not to mention the video below showcases John Cusack being the goofball he is.
  • Favorite Quote: "Sorry I'm late. There was this big problem... and I'm late because of it." --John Cusack

3.) Tuff Turf (1985)

You probably can't see it, but the drummer is RDJ..
You probably can't see it, but the drummer is RDJ..

So who is RDJ? That would be a very young Robert Downey Jr. playing on drums in the background. However, the main star is none other than James Spader. This movie follows the story of Morgan Hiller (James Spader) moving with his family from a beautiful lifestyle in Connecticut to well--San Fernando Valley after his father's company goes broke. Rich boy has another thing coming when he moves to this place; we are talking straight up thuggin'. But hey, RDJ is in it as well as Kim Richards who is not only strikingly beautiful but has some LONG ass hair..I mean, damn! So why is this movie good? Well of course the two fall for each other, but her current boyfriend is a bit reluctant to let her go and goes on to not only go after her father but Spader's family as well. Dude is pretty brutal. Great scenes all together though and especially the way the story progresses towards the end; the build up is pretty intense like amazing foreplay before the sex.

  • Why I like this movie: Cool vibes. Cool music. Cool well...everything? It's the perfect movie for the spontaneous and the ones like a good boy turned bad. Also this scene below when the group invades a private country club to eat all of the food shows Spader surprisingly do his thing on a piano to get Kim Richards all worked up.
  • Favorite quote: "I was sort of hoping I could take a quick ride through history." --James Spader (after being stopped by a Rent-A-Cop for riding his bicycle on campus).

4.) Reckless (1984)

Dude in sweater on right is a huge prick, so yeah.
Dude in sweater on right is a huge prick, so yeah.

I remember going through my parents' collection of movies and coming across this one. Popped this sucker right in the DVD player and there was no looking back. This one was a very interesting watch. The story follows Johnny (Aidan Quinn) being the rebellious football player that he is chasing after cheerleader Tracy (Daryl Hannah). So what is so different about a movie like this---two preppy rich kids hitting it off right? Ha. WRONG! Johnny's life just sucks. He's always riding around on his motorcycle and just being well..rebellious. Hannah is being the stuck up cheerleader she is, but they seem to be just driving each other nuts. And they love it. They may share their love in secrecy, but oh they have so much fun while they are at it. Maybe not as action packed as Tuff Turf, but nonetheless still one that I just had to put in the books. Fantastic story and you really start to feel for both characters throughout the story where it all connects at the end in a moment of spontaneity.

  • Why I love this movie: It's bold and the idea of them hiding their love in the shadows is both seductive and exciting. This movie is for those you who are feeling a bit um how should I say--reckless? I will be blunt...I highly recommend this movie if you plan on knocking boots with your partner later that night. The scene below opens up to some rather interesting foreplay before the sex scene featuring the song Kids In America by Kim Wilde. Oh, and an AMAZING amount of tracks by INXS.
  • Favorite Quote: "Hey Benario! My face is leaving in 5 minutes! Be on it!" --Kid in Bowling Alley.

5.) Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

One lucky dude...
One lucky dude...

So, you've probably seen this one. I wouldn't be surprised, in all honesty. It's hard being that best friend when you just see the one you love go through stupid a-holes and you know you could be the better one for them. We have all been there. Don't know if this movie caused this behavior in adolescent individuals, but if not then it should have been copyrighted and they could have made billions. Oh well. A fantastic story of a normal kid going after a rich girl who is secretly loved by his tomboyish but very cute friend who maybe didn't grow up with all of these luxuries. You know after the first 10 minutes who he should be with, but people will chase and chase for what they believe they want. Some Kind Of Wonderful gave us the life lesson that sometimes you don't have to go chasing waterfalls for what you want when it is right in front of you.

  • Why I like this movie: It's spot on. It's a romantic blast from the past that had some sad moments, some good ones, some funny ones, and ended the way it should. It could be considered nothing out of the norm compared to how we end love flicks nowadays, but this movie did it right.
  • Favorite quote: "You break his heart, I break your face." --Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson)

This is the ending...just be cautious.


What's your favorite movie out of this list?


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