ByDiana Harper, writer at

My granddaughter and I did plan on going to see the movie, but now I am trying to explain why we are NOT going to the movie, let alone probably won't be going back to McDonalds until they take responsibility for the toys that have made their way into the children's Happy Meals. Read the back of the toy, it says, " TM & @ Universal Studios! Made for McDonalds 2015". YES, we did purchase a Happy Meal today in Oklahoma City and one of the toys with the F-bomb and a few other words was in her meal. I was shocked what I heard from this toy. I was even more shocked when I went online to see that all the studio rep had to say was that we as he public are just misunderstanding the Minionese language. It is hard enough to raise your children today with good morals and keep them from the wrong crowds, and now you are telling me that it is OK to put these toys in our children's Happy Meals at McDonalds? What's next, do you want a joint or a hit of crack with your fries?.........


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