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The first trailer for Disney and Pixar's The Good Dinosaur was released yesterday and it has only made me that much more excited for its November premiere! It is based on the premise that one single moment can change everything, which is represented by the asteroid that narrowly misses Earth.

Would dinosaurs have lived on?
Would dinosaurs have lived on?

It represents all the the possibilities in life, all of the what ifs that we wonder about. In the case of this movie, what if that asteroid never killed the dinosaurs? What would have happened to the dinosaur, Arlo, if the young boy hadn't helped him reach the berries?

In a world where people of all ages are more engrossed in their technology than each other, we miss out on opportunities we could have had if we had just talked to someone or held the door for them or paid for their coffee.

Based on this trailer, the newest Disney and Pixar creation will be very profound. Even though we have we have seen countless dinosaur movies in past years, none have taken this unique perspective. I do not doubt that The Good Dinosaur will capture the hearts of adults and children alike when it hits this Thanksgiving.


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