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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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Ok. I may have, slightly, mislead you regarding the title. More specifically, JUST Tom Holland has visited the Suicide Squad set. And, Holland, as we all know, is set to play Spider-Man in Civil War and the upcoming Spider-Man movie. The new Spider-Man actor gave fans a pleasant surprise by setting up an unprecedented off-screen crossover with DC Entertainment’s most notorious big screen team, The Suicide Squad. Holland, who was in Toronto earlier this week, had a chance to sneak on Suicide Squad’s official set and pose with his Back Country (an indie film) co-star Joel Kinnaman (who plays Rick Flagg in Squad). While the exact nature of Holland’s northern visit is unclear, its was most likely to wrap up work on Backcountry. And, to speculate, if Holland is wrapping up work on Backcountry with these visits to spare, it’s safe to assume that Marvel’s newest blockbuster actor has finished filming his Captain America: Civil War cameo.

Either way, enjoy and savor the DC and Marvel cinematic crossover that we’ll never get:

Both Spider-Man (via Civil War) and The Suicide Squad appear in theaters in 2016. Make sure to check out these movies in theaters!

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