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Hey guys! It's me once again with other news concerning [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) but before I discuss what I'm about to explain, I wasn't sure if I should make this post talking about what I'm about to talk about for alot of reasons but fuck it I'm gonna talk about it. And also this isn't my idea nor did I myself receive the email but this awesome YouTuber known as JaeRoar claimed he had received an email from somebody who somewhat works for Warner Bros. Marketing & told him that he got to see an exclusive clip from Batman V Superman which will be hitting theaters next year in March. Here's JaeRoar's video talking about it & also in the comment section of his video, he left a link to the screenshot of the email he received so be sure to check that out to but here's JaeRoar's video explaining it & also I wanna give a shoutout to JaeRoar:

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Back on track,So what JaeRoar was explaining in the video was apparently what the dude in the email told him.The dude told him that the scene opened up with Bruce having a nightmare either sleeping or somebody is making him have that nightmare & the first thing in Bruce's nightmare is of his parents death which we see in the 2nd trailer for Batman V. Superman & then during the nightmare sequence,it cuts to 2 coffins which is obviously Bruce Wayne's parents' coffins.Then the next thing in the scene is of Jena Malone as Barbra Gordon!

Is Jena Malone Barbra Gordon?
Is Jena Malone Barbra Gordon?

Apparently what's going on is that Barbra is in her apartment & she answers her door & it is non other than Jared Leto's Joker!Which is also from the comic The Killing Joke & after she answers the door,he shoots her in the waist then it cuts to another scene where Batman is outside of Barbra's hospital room with Jim Gordon & the guy claimed in the email that he doesn't know who the actor is playing Jim Gordon.Then the next thing the guy sees in the scene is Joker beating the shit out of Jason Todd

Is Zach Laboza Jason Todd?
Is Zach Laboza Jason Todd?

In the scene is ofcourse where Joker beats Jason with a crowbar then at the end of the scene,it shows Batman on his knees holding the dead Jason Todd.& who the hell is this guy above?! Apparently the guy also explained that Jason Todd would be played by Zach Laboza so it isn't that bald guy?Anyways then after that happens,lightning strikes outside the window of Bruce's room & he wakes up.& the guy claimed that was all he saw & even told Jae he didn't have to believe him or give out his name so he could avoided getting fired.But Jae even said not to take it like it will happen but it's a possibility it could happen.I agree with Jae on that one.Now I'm gonna say the same thing here,don't over exaggerate about this.It might happen or it might not cause like Jae said,the email could be fake.But we'll leave it to a possibility.


Do you think this scene could happen?


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