ByQueen Elsa ❄️, writer at
Hans' true colors were reveled at the end of Frozen, but why he did what he did? His story is darker than we think.He was ignored and mistreated by his 12 older brothers. His family always thought he was useless (being the youngest son is not so easy) so he wanted to prove he was worthless. How? Showing he could be a great king. Power and money corrupted his mind, making him almost kill the queen and trick the princess, making her think he was her true love. Being king would make him usefull and not so invisible, so his family maybe would see him with other eyes. "People make bad choices if they're mad or scared of stressed, but throw a little love in their way, and you'll bring out their best." Maybe his frozen heart will be thawed. Elsa could show him what love is and maybe they would fell in love! Let's agree that anyone deserves a second chance, and forgiveness is important. He could prove to Elsa that he's changed, maybe saving her life or helping her in a mission and she would forgive him.They do look good together. So, who knows... Someway, true love could thaw a frozen heart.

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