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We all have those folks in our lives who, while we love them, we can't think what to buy them to save our lives. We also all probably have that aunt who thinks she knows exactly what we want and is always, ALWAYS wrong.

**I don't need to put a Christmas Story screen cap here. You've already got it picture-perfect in your head so why should I waste fifteen whole seconds on a Google Image search?**

But what if you should find yourself buying for a Disney princess? Well, it depends... here's how much sleep you'd likely lose at that task, in ascending order:

13. Ariel:

Hands down, the easiest. Whether it’s a snarfblat or a dinglehopper she’ll be delighted to add it to her treasure trove.

12. Belle:

If you can't figure out what she wants there's literally no hope for you.

11. Cinderella:

Putting gift consultants out of business since 1950.

10. Rapunzel:

Art supplies. She's seen her floating lanterns, and now she has a whole castle full of new walls to paint.

9. Tiana:

Thumb through any restaurant supply catalogue and you should have a gift in no time.

8. Merida:

Archery paraphernalia is easy to gift-wrap and should be suitable for any budget.

7. Snow White:

It's always easy to buy for people who are pleased by gifts to the point of gullibility.

6. Anna:

I’m not entirely sure what she’d want, but she’ll be thrilled someone is paying her any attention so it shouldn’t be too hard.

5. Jasmine:

If we're talking about material possessions, she's virtually un-impressable. If you can afford to give her a dream vacation, though, you should be good.

4. Mulan:

Rather a minimalist, and is likely just going to regift anything to her dad anyway.

3. Elsa:

The independent & introverted type is always tricky to buy for. And she doesn't even need a new pair of gloves anymore.

2. Aurora:

Known for reacting badly when a gift isn't what she wanted, so you're treading on thin ice here.

1. Pocahontas:

Just give up now. Your shallow materialism is all for naught.


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