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Sinister fans and horror fans alike will get another treat when "Sinister 2" arrives in theaters. The sequel to the 2012 supernatural horror film that managed to rake in $88 million dollars at the box-office on a $3 million dollar budget. The first movie is what made Scott Derrickson a bit of a front-runner for the modern day horror genre and now he has been promoted to Marvel movie making status since he will be directing a feature film based on Doctor Strange. Derrickson isn't directing Sinister 2, but he had a hand in producing the film and could return to help out with the third film if all goes well.

Here's the plot synopsis:

In the aftermath of the shocking events in Sinister, a protective young mother (Shannyn Sossamon) and her 9 year-old twin sons move into a rural house that Bughuul is residing in. He tries to convince one of the children to kill his whole family and film the murders. Meanwhile, Deputy So & So (James Ransone) investigates the murders himself, in an attempt to stop more of these murders from happening.

The Plot holds up even though there are some fans who are skeptical of the film after one viewing of the trailer and have claimed it to be too polished, stylized, and indirect. Some have even claimed that showcasing the villain in the trailer has taken away the suspense and Intrigue since they believed a highlight of the original was Bughuul being teased throughout the whole film which added to the chilling mysteriousness of the character. As the trailer mentioned, Bughuul gets its strength from the corruption of the innocent, also known as children. This time around Bughuul is trying to persuade another child to kill his whole family while capturing the whole murderous ordeal on film. Still wondering how this film can up the horror factor of the previous film? In the trailer we also see Children taking turns playing Snuff films for each other, but will the ending of this film offer a satisfying payoff or will it fall short in terms of genuine scares?


"Sinister 2" creeps into theaters on August 21, 2015


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