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Hey everybody, Ethan here from Stub Master Reviews and I realized that whenever I do a review for a film on MoviePilot, it will mostly be a lesser known title or just that one movie on Netflix you skipped past but it could have been pretty good. Alien Outpost/Outpost 37 is not the case for the latter. Going into the film (reading the description for the plot) I was fairly interested, at the idea of a group of soldiers fighting off a horde of alien and (mind controlled) humans and trying their hardest to protect Outpost 37, all while filmed through a documentary type of film making. The thought of this type of plot and film style does harken back thoughts of a cross between Starship Troopers and District 13. I was also hoping that it would be something like the Halo 3 Landfall trailer (see link below

The film isn't half as good of those films on their own but I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyways, lets get into the nitty gritty of the film.

As stated earlier, the film is presented as an actual documentary. So, it tries to push some fictional history on to the audience. Of course its supposed to be ''real'' so you would need this but I would have liked a more inspired way of telling me some boring history in the manner of actual dialogue rather than simply putting the information on the screen. Some improvement on the story telling is desperately needed. Now when you think of a documentary whats the first thing you think of? Its most likely the common one on one interview intertwined with the events of the documentary going on. Now of course this occurs in the film, and to the films credit, Its done well. The actors are fairly talented and the writing gives all the characters personalities and actual feelings. Plus, the audience will usually feel compassion for the squad when you show them engaging in camaraderie, then mourning one of their fallen. It would be also be really hard to mess up an interview scene in my opinion. Though, aside from the interview scenes, the rest of the film doesn't have too much to offer. There is lots gunplay, that I can tell you, but as an actual story there really isn't one. It basically boils down to this :

Aliens attack- check who died- get pissed at aliens- have some character development - aliens attack again- lets hit them where they live- WE DID IT!- but did we?!?!? There you go. Thats the plot, sorry for the spoilers.

God, that thing is horrendous.
God, that thing is horrendous.

So, aside from the story and all, what else does the film offer? Which means: "What else sucked about the film?" So, another thing about the film was how unimpressive its antagonists were. The aliens in the film, were obviously CGI. This is understandable, with likely not the biggest budget, they had to cut some corners somewhere. But the worst part about the effects were how inconsistent they looked. By that I mean, in some scenes gunfire looked great, explosions looked convincing, blood splatter looked real and there was even prop corpse of an alien that they soldiers investigated. Where as in other scenes they were the same effects that looked five times worse. Aside from the effects and back to the antagonist. Since the documentarians are ducking behind cover and avoiding gunfire, we solemnly get good shots of the aliens. It make sense in the film, as they are hiding, but the meta answer is that I believe it would have been too much work to put the aliens in more scenes. Which is also the reason why the aliens mind controlled humans. So the audience didn't have to see the aliens.

So, what does all of this boil down to. Well, Alien Outpost/ Outpost 37 is a very generic, under funded, and at times poorly paced documentary styled alien defense movie, akin to District 13. The film, does have fairly good actors with lots of character and an actual personality with feelings. The film suffers from very poor special effects, which is unfortunate since the film would have greatly benefitted from it. Its essentially "Horde Mode" the movie and is nicely shot when not too shaky from the documentarians hands. But this really isn't a stand out film and unless you would like to see a film you could easily see on the Syfy channel than this really isn't worth your time.

Alien Outpost gets a 2 out of 5 stars.

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So, from StubMasters Reviews, I'm Ethan. Have a great day!


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