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Dinosaurs are taking over the world, well, the box office world that is. Universal's blockbuster Jurassic World has just earned $1.522 billion, which makes it the third highest grossing film in history at the global box office. Who would have thought that with the movie industry being dominated by superhero franchises from Marvel Studios, DC/Warner Bros. and Fox, the breath-taking dinosaur adventure would overtake all of them.

Deadline reports that Jurassic World surpassed Marvel's Avengers, which earned a total of $1.52 billion worldwide during its 2012 theatrical release. That being said, it still has a long way to go before it can beat the top two films, that is James Cameron's Titanic that earned $2.16 billion worldwide and Avatar with its $2.78 billion.

Jurassic World has been doing well domestically, sitting in fourth place with $614.3 million only behind Marvel's Avengers which earned a domestic gross of $623.3 million. Unsurprisingly, Titanic and Avatar also hold the top two spots for the domestic box office, with earnings of over $658.6 million and $760.5 million respectively. It wouldn't be a stretch if Jurassic World surpasses The Avengers for the third highest domestic gross, but whether it beats the two kings Titanic and Avatar at the box office remains to be seen. Meanwhile, it has generated a total of $907.3 million at the foreign box office.

Before all of this, Jurassic World has already set several box office records after its debut. It surpassed Marvel's Avengers record as the highest opening weekend, with an opening of $208.8 million compared to the superhero blockbuster's $207.4 million. It holds the record of highest opening week, highest per-screen average, and biggest weekend. Include that with the movie being the fastest to break the million dollar milestones.

Set in the island Isla Nublar (with Hawaii as their filming location) 20 years after the events of Jurassic Park, they have successfully built a fully functioning dinosaur theme park and called it 'Jurassic World', as envisioned by John Hammond. To attract new guests after a decline of visitors, they develop a new attraction for the park to reinvigorate interest, which unfortunately goes horribly wrong.

With the huge success achieved by the film, it's safe to assume that this franchise will be getting a sequel. Chris Pratt has already confirmed that he signed on for a sequel, but there hasn't been any official announcement by Universal as of this writing. It is unknown if the other cast will be returning for the sequel, and if they will return to the filming location in Hawaii or set the film in another place, but we'll keep you posted if anything new comes up.


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