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Amy Martin

Squirrels. They're friendly, furry little creatures right? WRONG! Well, actually, it's only wrong in the case of Timur Bekmambetov's (Wanted, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) latest indie horror flick, 'Squirrels'. That's right guys, a movie is going to made about killer, flesh-eating squirrels.

OK, so while we can a general feel for the movie from this short clip, there's something we didn't get to see. Just how and why are these squirrels attacking people, there's got to be a reason right? Is it an outbreak of some kind of mind altering disease? Or perhaps a new type of Alzheimer's drug was tested on a laboratory squirrel, that then escaped and somehow infected all the squirrels in the city? Uhh.... I suppose we'll have to keep guessing.

Either way, we can all look forward to a movie about killer squirrels.


Will you be checking out 'Squirrels?'


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