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A rumor is running around the internet right now (started by Heroic Hollywood) about the role of Jason Todd in a tiny film called Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. What is this rumor? That the person playing the fallen robin is none other than, the son of the film's Director, Eli Snyder! Zack isn't a stranger to throwing his son in his films; his son's only other acting credits being a young Rorschach in Watchmen, a young Leonidas in 300, and Tommy Soldier #1 in Sucker Punch.

The picture seen above was tweeted by Batman v. Superman official photographer Clay Enos (who photographed the official first looks we got at Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Batmobile, and more for Bvs). What were the words in the tweet?

Boy wonder?
9:50 PM - 22 Jul 2015

That's right. Boy wonder. This coming right after the rumors of him being Robin started. This isn't the SOURCE of the rumors, but likely a response. This varsity starting quarterback certainly does have the look and athleticism to play Robin, if only for a flashback to his death scene.

What do you think? Do you believe it? Heroic Hollywood was right about Jason Todd's suit being in the Batcave. Is this another one of his correct scoops or his El Mayimbe actually being Eh Maybe? If so, do you think he'll return as Red Hood or will the role be recast if Jason Todd returns? Sound off in the comments.


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