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We really feel bad if something or someone doesn't meet our expectations. Same happens with movies too. With an exceptionally talented cast, with thrilling trailers and yes, with awesome promotions, some movies have made us drool with anticipation. But though these might have raised our expectations, there are instances where the movie has terribly disappointed us.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Okay this movie might have been the biggest blockbuster of this summer, but it failed to create the magic of the first "Avenger" movie. It was fully packed with plots, with heavy editing that has resulted in a slight disappointment. This movie was not a total disappointment, it is actually good. Only thing is it couldn't surpass "Avengers" in terms of entertainment.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Every fan of this animated series would have walked home from theaters with nothing but disappointment. The movie couldn't even reach the narration standard of the animated series.

4.Thor- The Dark World

This movie could have been a huge success if it really made a good use of " The Aether" as a plot line, but it chose the path of disappointment by focusing on a weaker plot and a weaker villan in Malekieth".

3. Transformers: Age of Extinction

This start of a new trilogy failed to impress us. It had a very boring plotline, not to mention the movie was never ending (approximately 3hrs). It could have done much better with all those stunning visual effects.

2. Terminator Genisys

All I can say is if the story is bad, not even our very own Khaleesi and Arnold can save it from being a disaster.

1. Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Only God knows what was wrong with this movie! All I can say is that this movie was such a disappointment that it forced Sony to strike a deal with Marvel to bring the web-slinger to the MCU.


Which movie disappointed you the most?


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