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Tired of theories yet? I’m not. I could read about 'Game of Thrones', Jesus, Jon Snow; all day. Literally, crucified on a cross, everyone is waiting for the return of our beloved hero on the show to return in season 6, when he’s possibly reborn as Azor Ahai. Kit Harrington will 100% be in episode 1 of season 6 because his corpse is at castle black and no one has reacted to his death yet. Melissandra, Davos, and Ghost need to see him. So even if he’s “dead” according to D.B Weiss and Dan Benioff, Jon Snow will have a funeral in episode 1. But, I take the “dead” to a whole new meaning. I believe Jon Snow will turn into a white walker when the Knight’s King reaches the wall and destroys it. This is not a NEW theory. However, I still believe Jon Snow is the prince who was promised. But, he was meant to fight for the side of the dead, instead of fighting for the side of the living.

And in a world where the living has caused possibly even more harm than the dead, wouldn’t be so bad to see Jon sitting on the throne as a white walker king. Maybe the reason The Knight’s King and Jon had that crazy stare off in “Hardhome” was because Jon was supposed to be apart of his army since childhood, but was rescued by Ned Stark. Trust me, he’s the son of Lyanna Stark or someone else’s child who was meant to be turned into a walker as an infant.

Now, the story is called “A Song Of Ice And Fire.” Think everyone. If Jon is Ice, Khaleesi is definitely Fire. Once she is reunited with her dragons, she is going to lead her armies to Westeros to reclaim the throne from the dead; believing it is her destiny. Early in the series, when she was in the House of the Undying Dany visualizes her in King’s Landing and it’s snowing and for the most part seems destroyed, almost as if her dragons caused the damage. It’s snowing because winter has reached Westeros, and the irony; Kings Landing was not destroyed by the white walkers but by her dragons that burn the city to the ground. She will get there and fight her nephew “John (Targaryen)” for her birthright and fail. She will be left there with ashes and try to understand what she did wrong.

Our hero will be someone like Tyrion, who always casts a very large shadow. Jon won’t stay dead for the rest of the series regardless. Just when all seems to be dark at the end, I somehow still feel the series will end on an uplifting note; even though I think our two heroes will battle it out in the end. Or, our to creators Weiss and Benioff are the two biggest liars on camera and Jon Snow is Azor Ahai and leads the siege against the walkers. Which of course, I wouldn’t mind either. Who do you think will win the iron throne? Or will anyone at all?


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