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The daring Mary Alice Brandon File was by far the most troubling of all the Twilight mini movies. This chilling claustrophobic short submerges viewers in the hopelessness of Alice's situation until they struggle to breathe, and as a huge Alice fan, I found it genuinely upsetting.

If you are only going to spend 12 minutes of your precious viewing time on one of the Twilight mini movies, I urge that you choose this one, but instead of babbling on singing its praises, I'll let the image breakdown below do the talking.

A Pitiful Vision

The movie begins with Mary Alice Brandon being introduced to the electroshock "therapist," although the bedraggled 19-year-old is adamant there is nothing wrong with her, the fact that she claims to have visions is enough to have her imprisoned in the mental hospital.

Shocking Mistreatment

Condemned as insane, Alice is subjected to brutal electroshock treatments that trigger a chain of painful memories about her past.

A Mother's Love

We are introduced to Alice's mother, who knows about and appreciates her gift, and her father who seems cold and totally dismissive of the idea that his daughter might be able to predict the future.

Clinging onto the Threads

As the electroshock starts to scramble her memories, Alice begins to poignantly document the scraps she can remember about her life on a dirty square of paper entitle 'The Truth.'

Sprinting into the Darkness

Alice's flashbacks take us back to the fateful day that her mother died, and we learn that, although Alice foresaw her mother's imminent death, she could not reach her in time to save her.

The Spectre of Truth

Desperate to get justice for her beloved mother, Alice tells her father that she saw that the car accident that killed his wife was not an accident. He dismisses her.

Wedded Woes

Soon after Alice's mother is killed, her father remarries and a slip up in speech from his new bride reveals that the wedding was planned before his former wife died.

Haunting Horror

When Alice confronts her father, she is knocked back by a vision of her father paying the bearded man who she saw running her mother off the road...

The Grip of Terror

...But this time he is coming for her with a knife while she sleeps.

Doomed by Disbelief

When Alice flees into the night to tell a trusted figure about her father's crimes, he has beaten her to it and is feigning concern while explaining how his daughter appears to have gone insane.

A Life Annihilated

Eventually, Alice forgets about her former life as Mary Alice Brandon and we see the character we know and love gradually emerging from the shell of her old self.

"I Like That Name"

Although Alice's tale is harrowing, we are given hope for the future as she flashes an elfin grin and proclaims "Alice, I like that name."

If the breakdown has got you itching to visit Alice in the asylum, you can watch the whole 12-minute short in the video below:

Along with having a compelling storyline and atmospheric visuals, I really think that Paloma Kwiatkowski, the actress who played Alice, made this piece shine. Here's hoping we see more from her in the future.

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