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Avid Arkham Knight players have discovered a rather spooky Easter egg waiting to reveal itself come Halloween, but don't worry if you're too impatient to sit around until the trick 'r treaters come knocking. I've got a neat little trick that'll let you see the horrifying secret right now!

So, remember that screechy vampiric Manbat that's busy tormenting the skies of Gotham? You can catch a glimpse of the repulsive creature below:

Well, the Easter egg involves this unsightly beast, who, as you might expect, plans to play a nasty trick on the Dark Knight, who himself has a tasty treat to offer in return.

Follow these instructions to see the hidden bonus...

1. You must first capture Manbat by completing the 'Creature of the Night' Most Wanted mission

2. Next, set your console or PC clock date to the appropriately spooky night of October 31

3. Now return to the city and you'll soon encounter this heart-attack-inducing jump scare for the second time...

4. Return to the cage in the police station and you'll find the prisoner has fled

Pretty neat, huh? You can check out a full walkthrough on the Easter egg below:

As seasoned residents of Gotham will no doubt remember, Rocksteady's previous game Arkham City also featured a date-dependent Easter egg.

Balding villain Calendar Man would divulge particular stories on specific real-life dates you visited him on. Take a look below:

These clever touches are what I love so much about this series, and keeps me coming back to explore the dark recesses of the games' worlds time and time again, just in case I've missed that one, critical hidden secret...


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