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Taken far too soon at the age of 33, the impact Chris Farley made on the film industry can still be felt today. Transitioning from the son of a salesman to an “infuriatingly talented” comedic superstar, his loud and energetic style was completely infectious and captivating. Awing everyone he worked with, Farley's work has gone on to inspire improvisers, comedians and actors the world over.

Best known for his roles in Wayne's World, Coneheads, Airheads and Saturday Night Live, there is no denying that Chris Farley was an absolute powerhouse of a performer.

In preparation for the upcoming documentary, I Am Chris Farley, here are 15 facts you might not have know about him.

1. Right after he graduated from college, Chris worked for his father’s oil company, Scotch Oil Co., in Madison, Wisconsin.

2. He lived next door to Jerry Springer! They lived side by side in the John Hancock Center in Chicago.

3. Move over Mike Myers, Chris was the original choice for the voice of Shrek! Farley had actually recorded the majority of the voiceovers before he died, although they were never publicly released.

4. He was discovered at a stand up comedy night in Chicago by Lorne Michaels, the producer for Saturday Night Live. He was later picked up for the show...

5. ...and went on to date Lorne's assistant.

6. While in SNL, he was part of the 'Bad Boys of SNL' club, other members being Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade. They were planning to do a movie together called Grown Ups, but it was put on hold 10 years after his death. His part was eventually played by Kevin James.

7. Tommy Boy opened at Number 1 and was his greatest success commercially.

8. Thanks to his mother's strong no swearing policy, Chris made up the phrase "Holy Schnikes!" as a child which was later used in the film Tommy Boy.

9. He had a bit of a temper. When he found out his friend David Spade went out with Rob Lowe one night without telling him, he went nuts and stamped on his hand!

10. He had a cameo on TV show Roseanne, in Season 5. He played a customer at a clothing store.

11. Two of his brothers are actors and appeared in the wedding scene in Tommy Boy. One brother went on to act in Curb Your Enthusiasm, a Kit Kat commercial, and An American Carol.

12. He appeared in the Red Hot Chili Peppers music video for "Soul to Squeeze" which was on the soundtrack for the movie The Coneheads.

13. He was awarded star number 2,289 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after he died. His star was placed outside of the Improv Olympic Theater West, a place where Farley studied and performed.

14. He lead a very wild and over indulgent lifestyle which compromised of overeating, heavy drinking, prostitutes and drug abuse, which sadly lead to his overdose.

15. At the time of his death he was worth 5 million dollars.


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