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Twilight is so packed with epic romances that some characters' love stories are sadly overlooked, despite how deeply beautiful they are.

The centuries old love story of Benjamin and Tia is a prime example one of those oft overshadowed tales, but now they have their moment in the spotlight in Sunrise.

Check out my breakdown of the mini movie below and see if you can learn something new about the captivating Egyptian vampires.

Domestic Disharmony

We first see Tia's loveless marriage through Benjamin's eyes as he hides in the bushes waiting for his moment to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart.

Boy Meets Girl

After showing us how Tia is living now, Sunrise thrusts us back into the past with a succession of flashbacks charting Benjamin and Tia's growing relationship.

A Fiery Discovery

When Tia arrived at Benjamin's Uncle's house, she was a frightened child until she saw the welcoming young boys captivating powers and realized that she had someone she could confide in.

The Art of Distraction

As Benjamin's ability to manipulate his power grew, so did his deep friendship with Tia. Along with Benjamin's uncle, the pair work the local markets with Tia picking pockets while everyone is transfixed by Ra's gift.


Unfortunately, the ruse isn't watertight and Tia is rumbled by a punter at the local market and is forced to flee from the scene.

A Promise Worth Keeping

Once they reach safety, Tia suggests stealing the money and running away to start a fresh life away from the exploitation of Benjamin's uncle, but things don't go to plan...

Bittersweet Reunion

When Benjamin and Tia are finally reunited after five agonizing years apart, Tia finally learns the truth about why her first love abandoned her without warning.

Supernatural Surprise

As Tia explains how unhappy she is in her marriage, Benjamin reveals that he left her because he was not human anymore and was a danger to her because he now feeds on blood.

Dragged to the Dark Side

Benjamin reveals how he was turned by a vampire (a powerful coven leader named Amun) in order to harness his unique power and that his uncle was slain in the scuffle.


Although Benjamin is now a supernatural creature, Tia's devotion remains unshaken and she asks him to turn her so that they can spend all eternity together and never be parted.

You can watch the whole epic love story unfold before your eyes in the video below:

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