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Where would the Disney characters be without a little magic, eh? Peter Pan would've grown into an old man, Snow White would have enjoyed a nice crisp apple and then gotten on with her life, Aurora would have whacked a bandaid on her spindle-pricked forefinger and Aladdin would have had to rely on his dashing good looks and wit to charm Jasmine. Or be buried under a pile of sand that wasn't shaped as a tigers face right at the start of the movie.

Anyway, thankfully for us and the sanity of our collective childhood, Disney relied on a bit of good old fashioned magic whenever the need arose and we were able to delay the cruel eventualities of reality. And whenever the magic didn't quite cut it, little man luck was also on board, holding up the back end when things got hairy.

Here are a few lucky symbols in Disney movies you may have missed:

1. Lucky - 101 Dalmatians

Lucky Charm: Look closely at Lucky's back... can you see the horseshoe?

What it means: When the ends of the horseshoe are pointing upwards, the symbol acts as a storage container for any sort of good luck that happens to be floating on past.

How it helped: When mama dalmatian, Perdita, was giving birth, this lil pup almost didn't make it, but then he did, so they called him Lucky. In the movie Lucky is shown to live up to his name, as he is often seen to get out of tricky situations just by sheer luck. But perhaps it's got more to do with that horseshoe on his back. Who knows.

2. Thumper - Bambi

Lucky Charm: Rabbit's foot.

What it means: According to folk legend, it was the left hind foot of the rabbit that was considered lucky and the bearer had to rub it in order to activate the luck. It was believed by some to be a powerful source of protection in addition to bringing good fortune.

How it helped: Ever wondered why Thumper was repeatedly banging his foot on the ground like he had a severe tick? Well, he was activating himself, duh. Yes ok, there was a huge forest fire and things were destroyed, but Bambi turned out all right in the end.

3. Scrooge McDuck - Duck Tales

Lucky Charm: Pennies.

What it means: 'See a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.' Back in the days, people believed that metal was a gift from the Gods, given to man for protection against evil.

How it helped: Well, McDuck seemed to have done alright for himself, didn't he?

4. The Seven Dwarfs - Snow White

Lucky Charm: Lucky number 7

What it means: 7 is the world's lucky number. There are 7 days of the week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 notes on a musical scale, 7 seas and 7 continents.

How it helped: Snow White would've been wandering in the woods forever if the animals hadn't luckily walked her over to the Dwarfs' cosy abode. And luckily a pretty prince was around to give her a peck when she needed it.

5. A Bug's Land

Lucky Charm: Four-Leaf Clover

What it means: Celtic priests believed that four-leaf clovers offered protection and warded off bad luck.

How it helped: Or rather, how it will help you if you happen to have a fear of roller coasters and find yourself in Disneyland California, because there is a massive four-leaf clover near the Hollywoodland entrance to A Bug's Land.


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