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Don't you just love it when something fits effortlessly into where it belongs? Are you often mesmerized by things being neatly stacked? Do you omit a squeal of joy when you witness something so oddly satisfying that it makes everything in the whole wide world seem okay?

Indeed, many of us have a bit of an obsession with perfection and to explore this phenomenon even further, I decided to pair it with some of our favorite things - Disney movies!

I'm certain that the following 16 Disney GIFs will definitely give you an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. So take a deep breath and indulge in the time that:

1. Alice was perfectly poured this half cup of tea

Just look at that flawless pouring technique.

2. The poisonous apple was just the right fit for the Evil Queen's basket

No wonder Snow White chose to eat it.

3. This seamstress threads a needle from the first go

If only it was so easy in real life.

4. Fauna's erratic dough folding...

Resulted in a very beautiful thing, indeed:

Those immaculate levels... Wow.

5. Arendelle's ice was chopped into clean-cut blocks in Frozen

No effort required.

6. Quasimodo was concealed by a croissant that was just right

I doubt a different pastry would have achieved the same effect.

7. Mulan's lips were skillfully painted seamlessly, in one stroke

And her eye-liner was applied in a long, sweeping line of perfection:

For any normal person, this would take ages to achieve.

8. Snow White flawlessly trimmed the crust off of her pie


9. Cinderella' ball gown bow was pulled wonderfully taut

How does it even stay up there? Perfection.

10. Mulan skillfully tied her bun in seconds

No practice, or mirror, needed.

11. When the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland blew perfect hoops

One straight into the other. Just like that.

12. Madame Medusa peeled off her fake eyelashes

This is so satisfying I cannot even deal.

13. Lilo's cake came out perfectly oven-shaped

That's some serious baking skills, right there.

14. Ariel emerged fabulously from the water

A hair toss of prime excellence.

15. The Muses performed this totally in-sync shimmy

Not a limb or a smile out of place!

16. And finally, when the most perfect fit of all led to the happily ever after we had been waiting for:

Ahhh, isn't life wonderful?



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