ByJosiah Rodela, writer at

Throughout the many years of comic books, there have been many hero and villains face offs that become memorable and go down in history. Matchups like Spiderman and Green Goblin and Superman and Lex Luthor. These are key components in comics, as it gives the hero a reason to watch out not only for their backs, but for others. One of the most famous of these is the infamous Batman and The Joker. However, recently this has started something. Many people have begun to question whether or not this should all end. We all know that Joker has done some pretty horrible things, like killing the second Robin, Jason Todd. After all of these things he's done, However ,he has never been severely punished for it. Many people already know the answer why: he's insane and the death penalty won't work. But many people wonder why the Joker's archenemy won't off him. Well here is the answer:


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