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Just when you thought that there were no more secrets to be discovered in [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936)!

The latest news to rocket out of Arkham comes from a devoted group of Batman trawlers that have unearthed another mind blowing Easter Egg. This latest discovery however is a little different, this easter egg is a Halloween horror special.

Halloween horror special you say? That's right, this easter egg has been unearthed a whopping 4 months prematurely. This discovery has taken serious dedication.

Time Bomb! (Spoiler Alert)

Taking inspiration from Arkham City's somewhat comical villain Calendar Man, this latest easter egg is entirely date specific. This particular nugget works similar to the previous title easter egg that involved Calendar Man, the player had to play the game on a specific day of a specific month for an entire year.

This easter egg isn't quite that complicated but does provide us with a very exciting new feature. Halloween is the key date. Gamers have discovered that if they change the dates on their consoles or PC's to October 31st 2015 it will in fact trick the game into thinking that it is Halloween.

The result being that players can access an event that Rocksteady had pre programmed to occur within Batman: Arkham Knight when the internal clock hit Halloween later this year.

The Horror! Jump Scares are approaching!

So, in order to trigger this event you must have completed the “Creature of the Night” side mission and captured the 'Man-bat'.

Assuming that you have done this, it's time to reset your clocks and play it through. Batman holds the captured villainous rogues in GCPD holding cells including the 'Man-Bat'.

Once the clocks have been reset head back to the cells to check up on your prisoners. Head to the back and you will find Man Bat sat in his glass cage in human form.

Head back out into the city and get flying. It is at this stage that Man Bat will attack. With brilliant jump scare mastery, Man Bat will appear on top of a ledge that Batman has grappled to. This can be anywhere in the city, he swipes at you a few times then flies away.

Head back to the cells and you will find the shattered remains of his cage. A quick conversation with a guard and the 'H' bomb is dropped. "Happy Halloween". Not quite Christmas in July but not far off!

The hunt is on.. Again!

It makes you wonder doesn't it; what other holiday related events lie in store for Batman fans this year? Rocksteady have truly gone above and beyond when it comes to the depth of Batman: Arkham Knight. The subtle and not so subtle references to previous titles, fellow superheroes and even future title have kept gamers hooked.

This is undoubtedly not the last easter egg we are going to find. Rocksteady claim to have hundreds more hidden within the dark city streets. So get gaming and make sure you check under each and every rock.

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