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(Warning - the following may contain mild SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Or, then again, it may not. As Taylor Swift has long argued, though: "Don't say I didn't say I didn't warn ya"...)

There aren't too many more exciting prospects in comic book-dom than the surprise appearance of a superhero in a highly-anticipated movie. Whether it's in the form of a Wolverine cameo over in the X-Men franchise, a Spider-Man one over at Marvel Studios, or - at this point - pretty much anybody at Warner Bros.' rapidly-expanding DC Cinematic Universe, there really isn't much that can compare in terms of inciting fan-enthusiasm.

Which is, of course, why the latest rumor to emerge from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is so darned intriguing. Y'see:

We Might Finally Have Our New Robin

Or, rather, if the rumors currently floating around are true, we might finally have an old Robin...who won't have actually survived into adulthood.

The reason for all the speculation? This tweeted image from photographer Clay Enos, featuring Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder...and his son Eli.

Now, it's entirely possible that Enos is simply messing with us all - and that the reference to the 'boy wonder' is no more than gentle trolling, but there're actually two pretty good reasons to believe that this could actually be a whole lot more than that.

First up?

This Wouldn't Be the First Time Snyder Used His Son in a Small Key Role

After all, Eli's previously been cast by his dad as a young Rorshach in Watchmen, and as a junior Leonidas in 300.

A follow-up role as a youthful Robin, then, would make a whole lot of sense - especially since the UCLA Football-bound Snyder certainly has the physicality to play the distinctly athletic Robin.

The other supporting factor, though?

This Robin Isn't Likely to Be Around for Long

After all, as we've discussed at length elsewhere, there's a pretty good chance that Snyder would be playing Robin in just one scene - his death.

Specifically, the most likely appearance by Robin in the movie - as teased by the appearance of an apparently Joker-tagged old costume - is in a flashback to his brutal murder at the hands of the Joker...

As a result, the safest bet is likely that we're set to be entering a DC Cinematic Universe in which Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd, has already died - which, presumably, is where Eli Snyder comes in.

Indeed, the brief nature of the role may even make his casting more likely, with the hiring of a famous name likely to distract from the emotional resonance of the scene (as we all go, 'hey look, it's that guy'), and the role unlikely to be all that tempting, being distinctly finite in length.

Could Eli Snyder Really Be Robin, Then?

Well, perhaps, and perhaps not. It would certainly make a decent amount of sense - and likely reinforce the current line of thinking that the original Robin, Dick Grayson, is still alive and kicking in the DCCU.

What's more, if one of our dad's were making Batman v Superman, being given a small but awesome part like that is probably exactly what we'd be pleading for, too - so it's hard to really begrudge Snyder the opportunity...

What do you think, though?



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