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I enjoyed being a young kid in the 90s. From the toys, to the fashion, to the music, and finally to the TV shows, the 90s was an amazing time.

I have to say I am secretly happy that the flannel, choker grunge look has recently come back in style (time to whip out my old tattoo chokers I still have from when I was seven-years-old).

If you are a real 90s kid at heart, you will be able to identify the following pictures. Let's see how man of these you can get through before you say "like, I totally know what that all is...NOT. Psyche!"

1. Do you recognize this dance?

Do you know the name of it? I have to admit my mom has an hour video of my friends and I doing this on my fifth birthday.

2. Did you own notebooks and pens from this designer?

I have to admit I still have a fuzzy art poster that's as bright as ever.

3. Does this image seem familiar?

I've lost count of how many times I replayed this album over and over again.

4. Who else ate this everyday for lunch?

My favorite was the pizza tray! I felt like a real adult being able to make my own pizza pie myself, and then watching the cheese melt in the microwave was somehow so satisfying.

5. Recognize this couple?

Do you know which TV show they were from? I absolutely wished I had Topanga's hair. It always looked so long and luscious. Though I have to admit, I would have chosen Shawn over Cory any day of the week.

6. How many of these guys did you own?

I even had a Princess Diana one that was supposedly a collector's item, but I never did so well with those as I always wanted to play with my toys until they fell apart.

7. So Many Different Colors!

It may have driven our teachers crazy, but we loved to write our essays with these guys. I specifically enjoyed the ones that had sparkles or metallic in them.

8. Did you consider these your precious babies?

My teacher had a designated spot for us to keep these guys so we wouldn't be distracted in class.

9. Do you know what these guys are used for?

Bonus points if you know what they're made of on the inside.

10. All that blonde on top.

And even more bonus points if you know what the name of this hair style is.

11. And this hairdo?

Do you know what its called?

12. What's the name of this toy?

My sister and I had so many that would randomly start making noises in the middle of the night. I'm sure a majority of them were haunted.

13. How badly did you want this to happen to you?

I don't care how gross it looks, we ALL wanted this to happen to us.

14. Tell me you knew how to do this like a pro?

I drew this all over my papers in school. Who knows? I'll probably teach my children how to draw this as well with perfect precision and technique.

15. Have you ever used these markers?

Do you remember which scent is associated with which color? My favorite was orange!

16. If you wanted your future told...

I don't understand why Jonathan Taylor Thomas and I aren't yet married in our house with a dog, seventeen children, and a garbage truck for a car.

17. Do you know what this fancy footwear is called?

I was obsessed with my purple ones.

18. Do you know all the words to the intro of this TV show?

Let me clue you in: "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..."

19. Did you wear one of these?

Mine was always the color blue.

How many of these were you able to recognize? Did anything stump you? If you have no idea what any of this was, then talk to the hand, because you are a loser loser, double loser.


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