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Dan The Man seems to have it all. Fame, fortune, a nice physique, and is an estimated $110 million.

But holy hippogriff, this man appears so humble and gracious about all his opportunities. So how does he do it?

Check out this video below and learn what a day in the life of Daniel Radcliffe is really like:

According to this video, these are the proper and necessary steps towards deflating your head a little bit and appearing more unpretentious.

Step One: Appreciate Your Fans

Okay, so most of us aren't world-famous actors with literally millions of fans kissing our feet.

Don't worry. Your mother, sister, brother, dad, dog, chinchilla, or even mailman or woman is good enough. Be sure to yell "thank you! thank you!" from atop a higher location, such as a tower or a window, to show that you're still above them in status, though.

Step Two: Stay Grounded

Not all of us have a Jake just lying around, but fear not! There are plenty of models, parents, teachers, bosses, and regular human beings on the Internet to judge us and put us down! Hell, isn't there a saying that says we are our own worst critics?

I'm sure that this part of most of our lives are already taken care of on a daily basis.

Step Three: Release All Anger

Yell, shout, and even resort to physical violence if necessary. Brag about yourself, mention how you are, in fact, better than everyone else, and definitely bring up all the cool people you have on speed dial.

And that's all there is to it, people! Those are the necessary steps to become a better person.

And there is no one better to teach us than our beloved Daniel Radcliffe.


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