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When you think of Slash, you probably think of him as one of the most iconic rock guitarists out there. Amazingly, alongside being a super hard working musician, Slash has found time to launch his own film production company called SlashFiction. The Hell Within will be Slash's second movie release, following the supernatural first release Nothing Left to Fear!

"The Hell Within follows a woman from New York on a quest into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to save a missing girl, only to discover that the child was just the beginning"

The story goes like this:

Marie and her husband David live a charmed life in Manhattan. He’s a successful environmental attorney and she’s built an international aid organization that helps families in need across South America.

The only thing missing is a child.

When they start receiving disturbing phone calls from Teresa, a young girl in Brazil pleading for help, Marie can’t shake the feeling these calls are connected to her charity. She convinces David to travel with her to Rio to locate the missing girl and soon a series of strange events and a shocking suicide lead them into the heart of the jungle.

Marie and David find themselves isolated in Seringal, a village overrun with drug runners and lost souls, steeped in ritual and superstition. And as David falls ill to a mysterious disease, Marie begins to realize that the missing child was only the beginning of “The Hell Within."

Slash is directing of the film and you can get involved:

You can invest in this film with as little as $15. The more you invest the better the rewards get too. Slash has offered everything from autographs to premiere tickets to joining in with film scoring sessions, to receiving a phone call from the amazing guitarist himself. Those able to invest $2,500 to help the project will get a 'Corpse Cameo' a.k.a. your face cast as a corpse in the film, this is such a hellishly amazing idea.

Why should you invest?

In Slash's words:

"My intention of doing this all together is for you to walk away feeling like you made your 1st movie with me. Join me through every phase of making this movie and get an exclusive first look at behind the scenes footage, location scouting, introductions to the cast as they’re casted, teaser clips, artists sketches, and character renditions. And of course, we’ll have cool swag, experiences, pieces from the set, and limited edition merchandise for you all along the way as well!"

Are you ready for the trailer?

This film sure looks like it will feature some creepy horror fun!

Click here, to head over to the page to find out more about the movie! There are 77 days left to get involved with The Hell Within!


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