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(Warning - the following contains potentially massive SPOILERS for future seasons of Daredevil, as well as for the first, already-screened season and several comic-book story-lines. Proceed with caution and all that...)

So, Daredevil.

Sure, the first season of Netflix and Marvel Studios' pretty-much-universally acclaimed superhero show was great and all, and sure, it's now at the top of a whole lot of lists of favorite TV shows, but that doesn't mean there isn't still room for it to improve. After all, with so many of the greatest TV shows noticeably improving after their first season, there's a decent chance that Daredevil could, when its second season arrives next year, managed to blow its own first outing out of the water.

The best sign yet of that happening?

Elektra is Coming to Daredevil Season 2

After all, widely-loved fan-favorite characters don't come much more beloved than Elektra Natchios, a bad-ass ninja assassin/one-time Daredevil love interest who's set to arrive in Daredevil season 2, as played by Elodie Yung:

Now, aside from the fact that Yung looks more-or-less perfect for the part, in turn suggesting we're set for another awesome series of Daredevilish goodness, Elektra's arrival on the show looks set to signal some pretty big stuff for the series. In fact:

Elektra's Arrival Might Just Change Everything

Specifically, her appearance in the show looks set to alter it in these five key ways:

1. Things are Going to Get Even Rougher For Matt Murdock

After all, Elektra and Daredevil's comic-book history has rarely been known to bring anything else but grief and confusion to either of them, with their love for one another never proving enough to keep them together.

Which, of course, has never really been helped by Elektra's tendency to get horribly murdered (and then, admittedly, return from the dead).

Speaking of which:

2. Bullseye is Almost Certainly on His Way

After all, the insanely-accurate assassin - and key part of Daredevil's comic-book mythos - was the one to kill Elektra in the comics, and seems almost certain to do it again in the show...

The big question? When are we most likely to see the brutal murder in question? Well, that leads us nicely into number three on the list:

3. Daredevil's Now More-or-Less Guaranteed to Get a Third Season

Y'see, with so much happening in season 2 - including, most likely, the introduction of Elektra, Bullseye and The Punisher, as well as the continuation of the Kingpin's story, and a potential crossover with Marvel's Civil War - there's a pretty good chance that Elektra will survive the season. After all, to really make her death resonate emotionally, it'd be far more effective to gradually set her up, allowing us as an audience to get fully invested - especially if there's not enough space this year to make her a main focus of the plot.

In which case, we're pretty much guaranteed to see Daredevil return, since that's not a plot-line Marvel's likely to leave hanging...

A more subtle potential impact, though?

4. Matt and Karen Might Not Get Together in the Show

Sure, it may have been gently teased that Matt would finally end up becoming romantically involved with his increasingly kick-ass assistant Karen Page at the end of season 1 - as he very much did in the comics - but once again, it's entirely possible that there simply won't be room for it in season 2. Between a returning love-interest in Elektra and a likely-increased role for the first season's Claire Temple, it's entirely possible that Matt and Karen's comic-book-inspired relationship will be postponed - perhaps indefinitely.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing teased by Elektra's imminent arrival, though?

5. When it Comes to Action, We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet...

Put simply: If you thought the action in season 1 was awesome, it's entirely possible that season 2 will blow your mind.

When it comes to kick-ass action in the comics, there are few more accomplished, or for that matter stylish, than Elektra - and who doesn't want to see a bad-ass ninja kick the snot out of Daredevil...again?

With Elektra's historic tie to ninja organization The Hand - as sort-of-seen in season 1 in the form of Nobu (above) - we're likely to see a whole lot more ninja-themed action in the show's second season. Which is pretty much guaranteed to be a good thing...

What do you reckon, though?


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