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I've never been fearful of heights, uncomfortable in a small elevator or surrounded by a large crowd, and although I might get a little startled when a spider shoots down from the ceiling out of nowhere, I usually leave them alone to wander around my house with me.

I did develop a slight fear of sharks as I got older. Not because of the film Jaws (I have loved that film since I was a kid), and not because of Shark Week, but more because I began to get reoccurring dreams of them swallowing me whole or gnawing on my limbs.

This irks me a lot.
This irks me a lot.

My slight fear of sharks is nothing dramatic, and not at all like people who suffer from incredibly intense phobias of balloons or clowns.

Fran Krause is a cartoonist who has depicted some of our scariest and strangest thoughts in hilariously vivid drawings. Check them out below! But beware: you will probably squirm, laugh, and feel uncomfortable all at once.

1. Skating in a Winter Scaryland

2. Elevator Smash

3. A Reflection with Its Own Mind

4. Butt Babies

5. Mall = Hell

6. Ghostly Body Takeover

7. The Fear of Aging

8. Bed Friend

9. Dog Days

10. Poop Dreams

11. Dead, Yet Alive

12. The Unknowing Ghost

13. Forever an Extra, No Longer the Lead

14. Mind Reader

15. Hide, but Never Seek

Fancy a way to look at all these cartoons in a more convenient manner? Make sure to buy Deep Dark Fears available on Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, iBooks, and Google Books.

Thank you, Fran, for creating cartoons out of our grandest scares. Hopefully we can become a little more brave by laughing them off, and eventually overcome whatever holds us back.

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