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While promoting his new movie Southpaw, Jake Gyllenhaal has been hitting the road with burly beard in tow. But when he got to Metro Detroit, he surprised a lucky advance screening with a very special guest.

In Livonia, Michigan, Gyllenhaal thrilled everyone when he emerged with none other than Eminem. Yep, they just strolled right up to the front of the theater, totally unexpected, and proved that they are the best new bromance to give us a one, two punch. Check out the video of them introducing the movie here!

At first I was surprised by this unlikely friendship, but it turns out Eminem produced the music for Southpaw, and he and Jake really respect each other's work. Here's Em talking about how he got involved in the film after he dropped out of acting in it:

Seeing how Jake Gyllenhaal smashed this, it made sense that we still wanted something to do with the project. So, we circled back around and said, ’What if we make music for it?’

And that's how a modern Hollywood friendship is born, and who could blame 'em?

These two clearly have amazing chemistry

You can just tell from this particular interview that these two get along. Never in my life did I think I would see Donnie Darko and Slim Shady making jokes about Detroit, but I'm so thrilled it happened.

After this, maybe they can star in a sequel of 8 Mile together.

(Source: Detroit Free Press)


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