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The newest installment from the James Bond series, Spectre, hits theaters November 6th of this year and it looks pretty damn good. The latest news is that we've got the Bond women... always iconic, always sexy, and always witty and clever to boot.

So, here they are. The Bond ladies, courtesy of USA Today.

Lea Seydoux will be playing Doctor Madeleine Swann, the daughter of an assassin. Bond will attempt to seduce her at her clinic, but apparently even James' charm won't work on her. Here's what Seydoux had to say about it:

"He comes to find her, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him."

Of course that could very easily change.

Monica Belluci will be playing Lucia Sciarra, a newly widowed former wife of a murdered Italian mobster. Bond tries to find her, because she has vital information. Here's what Belluci had to say about this character.

"She comes from a man’s world. But when the attraction between them takes place and she realizes her feminine power on him, then she trusts him to save her."

Naomie Harris will be playing Eve Moneypenny. The events of the Skyfall, in which she accidentally shot 007, are still affecting her. Harris said Moneypenny "wants to support in a different way. There's a maturity in that decision and a grounded-ness you see with her."

Stephanie Sigman will be playing the mysterious Estrella. Of course, her name means star in Spanish, and that means she's a special one. Bond loves to get involved with women he probably shouldn't be involved with, and that's where Estrella may come in. No last name for now. Sigman stated that Estrella is "a lot like [her]".

Spectre hits theaters November 6th.

(Via: USA Today)


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